KU Journalism Professor David Guth blames NRA for Navy Yard Shooting

David Guth, KU Journalism Professor took to Twitter the other day blaming the National Rifle Association (NRA) for the Navy Yard Shooting.

Here is what he said calling for the next time it be the sons and daughters of the NRA:



He even defends his statement on his personal blog, Snapping Turtle:

“I am angry, frustrated, sad and determined. The news of the senseless slaughter today at Washington’s Navy Yard has me again questioning how we can let this madness continue. Frankly, I don’t care if I am criticized for being too quick to judge, too harsh in my criticism or too strident in my tone. The time has passed for niceties and tact. The blood spilled today is on the hands of the National Rifle Association. I don’t care how the NRA tries to spin this. One fact is undeniable: The NRA has championed a gun culture that is shredding our nation’s moral authority like armor-plated bullets ripping through flesh.”

In a response from Patricia Stoneking, President of Kansas State Rifle Association (KSRA) issued this in response:


“The KSRA will do everything possible to see to the removal of this man. He should be fired immediately. His statements are outrageous!” She went on to say, “Is this who you want teaching your children? I certainly do not want him teaching mine!”

President Stoneking continued to say, “Any person with such a vile and contemptuous attitude who has influence over our children as a professor does, should be immediately fired.”

She ended her official statement by saying:

“This professor has obviously forgotten that it is human beings that commit crimes. Guns are inanimate objects and only human intervention causes them to be used in a criminal manner.”


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