Critz's Debate Attack Means Bad News For PA Workers If Critz Wins

I watched the PA-12 debate between Tim Burns and Mark Critz tonight. Of the two men, only one has ever actually created a job for a Pennsylvania worker – Republican Tim Burns.


So, what does arrogant Democrat machine politician Mark Critz think about that? Not much, apparently. At one point he joked that he wanted to go to Washington so he could raise Burn’s taxes. That’s right. If you dare create opportunity in Pennsylvania beyond the reach of Critz’s plans for more political-machine crony-ism, you will be punished for it. How long will it take for Pennsylvania workers to wake up?

The special election to fill the remainder of Murtha’s term is scheduled for May 18, and the race is getting national scrutiny from the political parties heading into this fall’s midterm election.

Critz is stressing his local ties as the top district aide to Murtha and his record of helping to create jobs in that capacity. Burns is talking up his experience as a self-made businessman and trying to tie Critz to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

America’s storied success over time lies in the old axiom, the business of America is business, no matter how much the Left would seek to distort that wisdom today. The business of America has never been politics, yet, it’s the only business Mark Critz actually knows, or cares about.

My Mother’s family hails from central-Pennsylvania. I know something of the history of its many long-suffering small towns and cities under the thumb of a corrupt Democrat political machine. I also know many voters there are still union members, hence the union support for Democrat and Nancy Boy Mark Critz.


For decades many of my family members paid their mandated dues, confiscated only to be put in the pocket of corrupt Democrat machine politicians who made their way to Washington, where they became even more corrupted by progressive political interests who have done nothing but harm Pennsylvania with failed liberal agenda items, one after another, for years.

Some were steele workers, some worked in the silk mills, still others worked in other industries. Oh, the Democrats and union bosses taxed the rich, alright. But it wasn’t the rich who ended up paying the cost. It was the working men and woman of the Keystone state that sat and watched as plant after plant and then industry after industry closed its doors and fled the state. But the union bosses didn’t lower their dues any for those fiascoes. If anything, they went up, because the corrupt Democrat political machine must be fed. And it dines on steak and lobster at luxury resorts, while the good working men and women of Pennsylvania struggle to find jobs and even to feed their families.

Mark Critz doesn’t care about the vast majority of working people of PA any more than he cares about people who might start a company to provide them work. He’s a card carrying member of the progressive Left who only seeks to punish whoever and whatever doesn’t come under the controlling thumb of a corrupt political machine that owes its allegiance to Washington, not PA-12. And that’s why when Critz needed money he went to DC, which is the heart of the problem, not some cure.


Unfortunately, Democrats like Nancy Boy Pelosi-Critz have already sucked the life’s blood out of too many PA workers for them to even matter beyond their vote any more. What they want to take from them, they’ve already confiscated through union dues before telling them how to vote and whom to support.

If the people of PA-12 want to take their district back from corrupt DC politicians who don’t give a damn about them, there is only one choice on May 18th. And that choice is Republican Tim Burns.

Pennsylvania has been owned politically by Democrats for decades. Take a look around, Pennsylvania, honestly, what good has that done for you in the grand scheme? From everything I can tell, not much, not much at all. It’s time for Pennsylvania to demand real change, not the tired campaign slogans of Democrats like Critz and Obama that only mean bigger government, less freedom, fewer jobs and no real change at all.


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