Release Your Testimony, Donald Trump

Donald Trump is being sued for fraud over “Trump University,” and his claim that he has won “most of the lawsuits” over Trump U is false; he’s still scheduled to face a deposition later this spring.


Which brings something to mind: Trump is famously litigious, having filed a preposterous list of lawsuits in his career, and has been a target of numerous lawsuits himself due to a combination of sharp business practices, business failures and bankruptcies, and being a deep pocket. Undoubtedly some of those lawsuits had something to them, and some did not.

If you lived through the Bill Clinton years, or even the Bill Simon 2002 campaign in California, you know what a large political drag lawsuits and testimony can be on a public figure. So you know that Trump’s long record of litigation may contain a whole lot of nasty stuff that voters have a right to see before choosing him as the standard-bearer for their party.

And some of it is out there already – but others are not. If Trump wants to come clean with the voters, he needs to go and release all records of his prior lawsuits and testimony, including waiving any confidentiality agreements he may have entered into as a litigant. If there is ugly stuff out there, better we know now.


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