Democratic Party Now Literally Selling Hate, the Democratic Party’s official website and email domain, sent the following email today suggesting Father’s Day gifts for your Democrat dad (assuming of course that you would do anything as gender-exclusive as celebrate Father’s Day):

hate tea parties email

Here’s a description of that lovely item, which you can own for only $30:

hate tea tumbler

That’s right: it’s a coffee travel mug that advertises your seething hatred of the Tea Party faction. Nothing says Father’s Day like Dad ranting against people he hates, eh? And mind you, the Democrats aren’t just quietly selling this in some obscure corner nobody noticed – someone thought this would sell well enough as a gift to blast it to the party’s entire mailing list.

Now, politics ain’t beanbag. I’m sure you can find “I hate hippies” merchandise somewhere in this land., which seems to be unaffiliated source of GOP merchandise, sells this button:

annoy a liberal

But that’s pretty mild. I did a search of the official GOP store and got no sign that Republicans are selling any official branded party merchandise that advertises hate of any people or groups:


It turns out that, unsurprisingly, the sort of adults who run the institutional Republican Party, whatever their other faults, are not selling merchandise that literally advertises who you hate. Maybe that’s maturity, maybe that’s some good sense of what Republicans would be embarrassed to buy and display to their friends, but there you have it.

When we talk about the Democratic Party’s descent into a party driven primarily by its cultural resentments of fellow Americans, this sort of thing – trivial in itself though it is – speaks volumes. The Democrats have exhausted their party’s interest in economic or foreign policy; they will be running a presidential candidate in 2016 who has been in Washington for a quarter of a century with no tangible accomplishments. So she will do what small, unaccomplished people have always done: rally the tribe against people they hate. All that and $30 will buy you a mug of coffee.