What to expect from a Trump Presidency

As a chief opposition researcher against Donald Trump I am going to give you the low down on what to expect. This is the good, the bad, the ugly, and the stuff that will make you vomit.

First off there is almost no chance that Hillary will be prosecuted. Sorry Trump fans but you do not understand the Trump mind if you expected his friend to be prosecuted. I know this goes from bad to vomit for many, but there you go.

But let us make a list:

1. TPP has probably died.
2. The border patrol will be given orders to do arrests at the border again.3. The EPA seems to be in for some ‘corrections’.
4. The majority of judges put in place will not be left leaping ideologues. Yes leaping, there will be leftism in his judges just not the hard left.
5. Liberal Tears
6. Some policies will be fixed.
7. Obamacare is gone.
8. Hillary was not elected.
9. Military spending will increase
10. The Democrats now have only Elizabeth Warren as a possible leader which does hurt them badly.

The good category will be the lowest of the categories, sorry but this is the chameleon you elected, his skin will return to the regular color soon enough.

1. The debt ceiling will keep rising under Trump.
2. The Bush era RINO’s are being put into the various offices for the most part.
3. The FBI will turn its nose to yet more corruption… “nothing to see here, move along”
4. We are now “friends” with an evil tyrant in control of Russia.5. The Alt-Right will now promote their power.
6. Many of the worst traitors to conservatism will be given more power.
7. Trump’s crimes will likely be white washed by prosecutors and such.
8. Ladies will be treated worse for a while.
9. Governments size will still increase.
10. Costs for food, products, and such will increase.
11. Dithering will happen on fixes until Congress changes hands.

1. 20% unemployment when his policies finally start gearing up, focused mostly on blue collar jobs. Enjoy the unemployment folks!
2. Pay to play, the Presidents office is now going to be corruption center.
3. War. Trump will find the actions of a nation ‘distasteful’ enough to attack that nation. Not likely to be a strong nation, or one allied to our ‘allies’ but he would not hesitate to send bombers and fighters to make a show of it. After all he has that authority now.
4. Inflation gonna be nightmare bad
5. Hillary will not be prosecuted
6. Sanctions, taxes, something against companies that piss Trump off. Could be audits, inspections, customs slow downs, or federal raids.
7. New regulations, only they are our crappy new regulations and not the Democrats crappy regulations. I cannot wait to see this list.
8. Racism will dramatically increase, not Obama level but Obama level times ten.
9. Trump will use his powers to bully the House and Senate to vote his ways, he will work to make them puppets.
10. Those critical of him will come under higher and higher levels of threats, intimidation, attacks, and even injuries/death by Trump supporters.
11. TrumpCare, only now with worse and worser hopes for the average American!
12. A boom in the Government grants to Republican groups that will do their version of “count the farts of a slug over an hour” type research.


1. The odds are that Donald Trump will find a military unit willing and capable of committing war crimes and that war crimes will be committed. 2. The 1st Amendment will be gutted as soon as he can get enough justices scared of him and/or elect his own puppets.
3. Trump will use the White House to enrich the Trump family dynasty he has created. Contracts with maybe an in between, donation requirements for certain laws, the list will go on. Enough to make the Harding Administration seem to be sin free.
4. True conservatism will be marred with his brand.
5. The Republican Party will be marred with his brand.
6. His children will influence him to keep pushing Democrat ideologies. The hard left sort.
7. He will be influenced by flattery and hot women tossed at him by foreign nations. “Grab them by the pussy”.
8. Gun rights will be reduced, he may not openly do it, but he will not stop it. Probably via his Supreme Court picks, maybe after fixing some of the gun rights of harder leaning leftist States.
9. In 2018 we lose control of the House and Senate due to him. Almost a certainty after 2 years of him.
10. Taxes will go up, just cause the Republican leadership wants it to go up as bad as the Democrats leadership did, just for their own reasons.

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