RIGGED SYSTEM-- New York: 526,775 = 89 Delegates; Wisconsin: 531,129 = 36 Delegates

Uh-huh. Some “Rigged System”.

According to my math, Trump Delegates are clearly worth more than Cruz delegates. But, that would only make sense, because, as we all know, people from New York are more important than people from Wisconsin.

Right? Can you imagine if the roles were reversed here? If Senator Cruz had lost Wisconsin, but won New York, Donald Trump would currently be planning an all-day Fox News Armageddon Report complaining about how the people of Wisconsin don’t have nearly the representation in the Republican Party as the people of New York. He’d be sending Roger Stoned out to threaten Reince Preibus to straighten up and fly right, or he’d better start checking his back seat before climbing into his car…

Thankfully, though, Cruz is a thoroughgoing federalist –and a gentleman– and he doesn’t act like a sixth grader who just got cut from Pee Wee Football. Those who support Senator Cruz tend to follow his statesman-like example.

Actually, we Cruz supporters understand the role of “Federalism”, and accept the results of the primary election process at face value. We tend not to have hissy fits, send goons to rough up potential delegations, cry and moan about the unfairness of it all, that there isn’t “one man, one vote”.

New York has more delegates available because there are more PEOPLE that live in New York. Unfortunately (as the latest election results bear out), the overwhelming majority of them are Democrats , and Republicans are barely a blip on the map. But, this actually helps reinforce the brilliance of the founders and the system they put in place.

I swear to God, though, if I hear Donald Trump belch on and on about “fairness”, I might, I dunno…

Sick Roger Stoned on him?

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