House Republican Women: Working for You

In light of the growing accusations by those on the Left that Republicans are actively waging a “War on Women,” I joined with my 23 House Republican women colleagues to launch our latest video, “House Republican Women Working for You.” To be told that our party fails to protect women is offensive. To be accused of denying access to women’s health is absurd. And to be attacked for limiting opportunities for women just like us is unwarranted. Our group of Republican women is dynamic, our members are impressive, and our mission is clear: we want to open the door of opportunity for all American women.


We are daughters who want to preserve and protect Medicare for our parents. We are mothers and grandmothers who want to eliminate the debt burden for the next generation. We are wives who run the family budgets, fill up the gas tanks, and make our families’ health care decisions. We are small business owners who understand – better than anyone – the detriments of Obama’s burdensome regulations. And as women ourselves, we refuse to let the Democrats promulgate the myth that we are waging a war on women.

As Republican women, we are uniquely positioned to promote common-sense, pro-family solutions because we know what it’s like for women all across this country. We bring fresh perspectives and efficacious solutions to the table. We are working together every day to create jobs, reduce spending, help small businesses, and put health care decisions back into the hands of the people. While our backgrounds are different, one thing is not: we are all conservative reformers – committed to leaving America better for our children and grandchildren than it was for us.


To view the video, click here.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) is Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference and the highest ranking Republican woman in the House. She represents Washington’s 5th Congressional District.



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