Club for Growth Endorses Chip Roy for Congress in Texas District 21

Club for Growth PAC exists to help elect strong fiscal conservatives running for office. Every so often a candidate comes around who is truly remarkable – a quintessential conservative warrior who comprises grit, courage, and conviction. The people of Texas’s 21st Congressional district are fortunate to have that in Chip Roy, who faces a runoff election this coming Tuesday.

Chip Roy is a conservative firebrand and Club for Growth PAC is proud to have endorsed him in his race for Congress. While others in this race have had a difficult time even articulating what they’ve done to advance conservative policies, Chip Roy has spent his adult life putting conservative principles into action.

Chip not only believes in the principles of conservativism, he lives them each day of his life.

From his time serving as Senator Ted Cruz’s chief of staff to his work as a senior advisor to then-Governor Rick Perry, Chip Roy has been a workhorse within the conservative movement. In his time working in Senator Cruz’s office, Chip Roy was on the front lines fighting against Obamacare when it passed into law, but he didn’t stop after that. He continually fought to defund it.

As a cancer survivor, Chip Roy saw first-hand the grave shortcomings of Obamacare. For this reason, Chip Roy passionately defends the medicine and the doctors that the free market provided, which helped ensure his recovery from cancer five years ago.

Most recently, Chip Roy served as a Vice President at a leading free-market think tank in Texas, the Texas Public Policy Foundation. In this capacity, he continued to fight to rein in Obamacare by leading efforts to repeal and replace it.

Chip Roy isn’t any old run of the mill conservative, he’s a fighter. And as the next Congressman from the 21st district of Texas, Chip will fight against business as usual in Washington. He will hold the Republican party establishment accountable and with his leadership and experience, Chip Roy will become one of the leading fiscal conservative voices in Congress starting on day one.

Chip’s dedication to economic freedom, matched with a wealth of policy knowledge, makes him an ideal candidate for Congress. Resolute in his convictions, strong in his resolve, steadfast in his commitments, Chip Roy will be a great Congressman. Club for Growth PAC is honored to help Chip Roy’s campaign cross the finish line next Tuesday, May 22 as he faces off against Matt McCall in a primary runoff.


David McIntosh is president of the Club for Growth, the leading advocate for economic liberty.

A former Congressman David McIntosh, represented Indiana’s 2nd Congressional District in the United States Congress from 1995-2001. David is a co-founder of the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy and serves on the Board of Directors.