If Nadler Is Right and Trump Is a Dictator, Why Hasn't De Niro 'Disappeared'?

Jerry Nadler boarded the Fear Monger Express Friday, whining in the Senate:

[President Trump] wants to be all powerful. He doesn’t want to have to respect the Congress, he does not have to respect the representatives of the will of the people … Only his will goes. He is a dictator. This must not stand, and that is another reason he must be removed from office.


No word yet on whether Nadler has been nominated for the “Best Performance in a Hysterical Role” Oscar. But Hollywood surely will find a way to demonstrate their appreciation. (If you think this is a joke, remember: Michelle Obama just got a Grammy for reading a book out loud).

Speaking of Hollywood …

If President Trump is a “dictator,” why hasn’t Robert “F–k Trump!” De Niro disappeared? Literally disappeared … not professionally disappeared. He’s been professionally disappearing bit by bit for years. After the travesty that was The Irishman, we may never see or hear from him again–unless it’s to read Michelle O’s ninth memoir in the series.

In fact, if you’ll indulge a small digression: The Irishman wasn’t just a bad movie. That was a long, long, LONG bad movie. Please guys, just give Scorsese his pro-forma Oscar for “Nicest Old Hollywood Guy” and put him out to pasture. Okay … back to dictators:

Aren’t disappearances what dictators DO? Don’t critics of dictators usually find themselves fleeing into exile, checking their tea for polonium, or inexplicably vanishing? Don’t vociferous political opponents of dictators–people like Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff, and Joe Biden–wind up indicted for anti-government feelings and imprisoned on the regular?

And yet … there’s Bob De Niro, still inflicting his psychotic, foul-mouthed diatribes on public audiences of nice people–people who just want to eat an expensive dinner and watch pretty Hollywood folks congratulate one another. De Niro doesn’t seem even slightly arrested or poisoned. He looks downright healthy and unconcerned.


De Niro and his “F–k Trump!” fraternity would command more respect if they’d proved their anti-dictator bona fides on the road.

For example, imagine if Rob Reiner rolled into Pyongyang and announced in public that Kim Jong-un is a murderous tyrant; that his face is too small; and that he should fornicate with himself and expire. Now THAT would be hard core. Kim might not shoot him. There are people Kim has not shot in the past.

Or imagine if Alyssa Milano and Mia Farrow put on those misshapen pink beanies and flew into Tehran International, yelling at the mullahs over a megaphone to stop making Iranian women wear head wraps–and for the mullahs to stop wearing head wraps themselves, head wraps being a crime against fashion when donned by the male of the species.

RESPECT, right? (For those under 60: Mia Farrow used to be an actress, before she made the career change to Twitter graphomaniac.)

Last, imagine if Michael Moore transported his enormous self to Moscow and told Vlad Putin to “put on a shirt, stop fiddling with democracy on the Facebook, and let someone else have a turn at autocrat.”

Moore really couldn’t lose. If he got away with it, he’d be a certified bada** for life. If he didn’t, he could make the greatest documentary of his career, about life inside a heinous Russian prison. Moore could call it Bowling for Toilet Wine: A Story Told in Russian Prison Tattoos.


A few small risks from the “Trump = Dictator” crowd would build their street cred and convince the public they know of what they speak: “I have confronted dictators before, and I have survived. I know dictators, and Trump is a dictator.” Many people might still disagree; but they’d at least give The Resistance a serious hearing.

As it stands, The Resistance sounds preposterous with all their autocrat handwaving. Not only has Trump NOT imprisoned any Democrat congresspersons or dithering denizens of Hollywood; he hasn’t even defied the liberal federal judges who have reflexively heaped nationwide injunctions on every other breath the president takes.

A lot of legal experts think the president holds constitutional cards to tell federal judges to pound sand over their hail of injunctions. They say defiance of overreaching judges would amount not to strongman bullying but to legitimate assertion of Executive independence from the Judicial Branch. Abraham Lincoln did it in the Dredd Scott case. As Josh Hammer writes:

The next time an Obama-nominated resistance-type district court judge reaches an absurd legal conclusion and attempts to issue a (completely lawless) nationwide injunction against a prized Trump administration priority, the president should effectively tell that judge to go take a hike. Trump can make like Lincoln and enforce the judge’s order as it pertains to the named litigant(s) to the actual underlying lawsuit, but he should go no further.


But President Trump doesn’t even swat away these horsefly judges. He just says, “*Sigh* … Okay, we’ll see you at the Supreme Court, where your injunction will go in the wastebasket along with all the others …”.

A tyrant who doesn’t even defy meddlesome federal judges? If President Trump is a dictator, he is really, REALLY bad at it. Putin’s secret Skype lessons in dictatoring are having no effect.

The Resistance have gotten so wrapped up in their own catastrophizing that they have lost touch with how their antics present to everyday Americans.

A lot of Americans were seriously concerned when the Resistance first said: “The Bad Orange Man will impose martial law within a year! We are all doomed!” Americans had no idea what was going on, and they were scared.

Three years and change later, Americans look around and … no tanks in the streets. No rumors of the president’s enemies dying in suspicious circumstances. No troops surrounding Congress. No gulags full of leftist activists and Hollywood celebrities.

Even Hillary Clinton–the one person Candidate Trump promised to see imprisoned for her Walmart of political influence and spectacular disregard for classified information–still seems to be wearing circus-tent muumuus rather than penitentiary orange. Clinton sits at home scribbling books in the vein of How Misogyny Snatched my Presidency and similar works of fiction.


The only totalitarian tactics during the past three years have come from Uberprosekutor Bob Mueller and his Democrat lawyer Gestapo, when they busted in the homes of former Trump advisors Paul Manafort and Roger Stone–two old men with no criminal or violent history and no plans to flee.

Come November, undecided voters will no doubt notice the disconnection between The Resistance’s cries of “Wolf!”and events as they have actually unfolded. Voters’ exhaustion and disgust may spur them to tell Democrats at the polls: “You people are profoundly unserious. Go home.”


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