Greta Thunberg: Child Shield

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It’s staggering how much the progressive tactics have come to resemble those of terrorists these days.


Case in point: Greta Thunberg.

Thunberg is being used as a child shield. Activists puppet their climate hysteria through Thunberg, confident two things will happen, both of them useful:

(1) Their opponents will refrain from attacking her blather because she’s a disabled child; or (2) their opponents will attack her blather, and clima-sterics can pretend the attack was personal and amounts to proof of how evil righties are.

This is Hamas does. They hide among children, so that decent people won’t shoot at them. And whenever children do get harmed in the course of pursuing the terrorists (which is bound to happen sometimes), Hamas broadcasts it as proof of their opponents’ heartlessness.

It’s a win-win, as long as you suspend your conscience and care only about The Cause. After all, what are a few children’s lives compared to The Cause?

Some guy (or maybe girl … or “they” … who knows) at Vox went on an indigni-rant in just this vein today:

Trump’s sneering attack came amid a torrent of often misogynist and ableist abuse hurled at Thunberg since the speech, with conservatives attacking her demeanor, her looks, her mental health (she has autism), and above all her autonomy, claiming she is “brainwashed” or a victim of child abuse. Several have compared her speeches to Nazi propaganda.

This is the beauty of using children as shields. Anything even remotely critical can be spun up into a “sneering attack.”

And of course you can always count on a few of the low-IQ on the Right to miss the trap in front of them and really let Thunberg have it with both barrels. Then you re-broadcast their unforced error throughout the complicit media and make it seem as though the lout who says, “She’s an ugly tard!” typifies climate evilists everywhere.


Progressives seem to be exploiting children for their self-righteous ends in all kinds of ways these days.

Any time there is a demonstration about ICE, or Bad Orange Man, or the climate apocalypse, or abortion, or poundMeToo, or whatever, they yank their brood out of school and stick them in the front of the formation, signs in hand:


I can’t imagine the therapy these kids are going to need later. But I’m sure Thunberg will be okay.

Ivy League schools are probably falling all over themselves to entice Thunberg to attend, whether she can read and write or not.

No doubt her stage mom and dad have set up a way to make bank for all their careful work managing their pigtailed nest egg, whether salaries through some sympathetic non-profit or the massive book deals and documentaries that must be in the works.

What a world…


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