New York City Giving Non-Citizens the Right to Vote

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This year, New York City tried a brand new progressive voting system for their mayoral primary election called Rank Choice Voting. According to Ballotpedia:

“A ranked-choice voting system is an electoral system in which voters rank candidates by preference on their ballots. If a candidate wins a majority of first-preference votes, he or she is declared the winner.”


Sounds equitable and fair, right? It may be but rank choice voting resulted in an over two-week delay in knowing who actually won the Democratic primary for mayor. Former Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was eventually declared the winner on July 7th.

The election was originally held on June 22. Adams was understandably upset that something as simple as having an election and then counting the votes turned into an election that mirrored what you might find in some third world, banana republic. He said this after days of delays: “Every new barrier you put in place, you’re going to lose voters in the process… I knew that was going to be a problem and it turned out to be a problem.”

Well, the New York City Council is scheduled to vote on December 9th to remove a barrier to voting….for non-citizens! Bill 1867, introduced by council member Ydanis Rodriguez, would allow green card holders — and those with work authorizations in the United States to vote in New York City elections only. They would be excluded from voting in state and federal elections — for now.

Now, it appears there is some redundancy here since having a Green Card allows an immigrant to work legally in this country. “Those with work authorizations” probably pertains to the millions of illegal immigrants and so-called “Dreamers” the Biden Administration and the Democrats want to legalize with just the stroke of a pen in their $2 trillion budget reconciliation scheme. Also included within the reconciliation scheme is a provision to expand the child tax credit to illegal immigrants at an annual cost of $10.5 billion.


Councilman Rodriguez said last week: “New York City will be making history. After getting the right to vote in local elections as a result of this bill, there is a high probability that immigrants would become even more motivated to become citizens and vote in federal elections.”

Umm, excuse me, Councilman, but you have it ass-backward. Becoming a citizen should be their first motivation and having the right to vote is a benefit from that decision. She continued: “Let’s be clear, after passing this bill, other municipalities will follow in New York City’s footsteps and realize that if they have immigrant residents who pay their taxes and contribute to the city, they should have the right to vote in their local elections.”

The NYC Council President told reporters he expected the bill to pass easily and that they “have the votes.” Passage of this law will give over 800,000 green card holders (non-citizens) the right to vote in New York City. Although the bill is expected to pass, Staten Island Borough President-elect Vito Fossella has vowed to take legal action if the bill passes saying, “One of the great privileges of being a citizen is the right to vote and as borough president, I will initiate legal action to preserve the sanctity of the vote”.

Readers of this column know I am president of Americans for Citizen Voting, a 501c4 dedicated to stopping the madness happening in New York City and in other cities and states across the country. We work with grassroots folks to amend their state constitutions to say ONLY U.S Citizens can vote instead of ALL citizens can vote. We say “Let the voters decide” if they want non-citizens voting in their elections.


That one word is the loophole progressives are using to allow non-citizens to vote. We all know that if non-citizens are given the right to vote in local elections, it will be only a matter of time before progressives start advocating that they vote in state and federal elections. I encourage you to visit our website: and educate yourself on this growing movement to dilute our votes with non-citizens.



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