Keystone State Holds Key To Trump's Re-election

Who would have known that reporting problems last winter during the Iowa caucus – due to a defective and untested app – would be a harbinger for the voting disasters to come in Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona and Nevada.


The problems in these five states were not caused by a defective app but instead by the unprecedented amount of mail in ballots due to the Covid 19 pandemic. I wrote back in May that mail in voting is not the solution:

According to these election experts, here are three potential problems with mail-in voting this election cycle:

  • “Because the ballot is cast outside the public eyethe opportunities for coercion and voter impersonation are greater. Coercion by family members, employers, union leaders, religious leaders, or others might occur.” – National Conference of State Legislatures
  • “Voter registration rolls are notoriously inaccurate, containing names of voters who are deceased, have moved, or otherwise have become ineligible.  In 2018, California was sued over maintaining 1.5 million inactive voter files.” – CATO Institute, JW v. Logan Settlement
  • Even many scholars who argue that fraud is generally rare agree that fraud with voting by mail seems to be more frequent than with in-person voting.” – MIT Election Data and Science Lab

According to the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm dedicated entirely to election integrity, there were 244 counties that exceeded 100% voter registration and another 279 counties across 31 states that exhibited registration rates of 95 to 99 percent.


Pennsylvania native J. Christian Adams, PILF President and General Counsel, explains the dangers of sending ballots to everyone on the voting rolls:

“One of the most effective strategies for protecting the integrity of American elections is keeping voter rolls clean. Carefully maintained records will better prepare state and local governments to quickly recover from any future cyber-attacks. In addition to fraud concerns, unkempt rolls can serve as a warning signal to future corruption and failures in local governments.”

Pennsylvania, with it’s 20 electoral votes, is literally the key to President Trump’s re-election. If he can hold on and win the four states I mentioned above, President Trump must win Pennsylvania in order to secure the 270 votes needed for another term.

On election night, the President had a 700k + vote lead in Pennsylvania. As the votes started coming in from heavily Democratic Philadelphia, that lead has dwindled down to less than 40k votes.

I can accept that the President’s lead will diminish as more Philly votes get counted. But the shenanigans of not allowing Republicans to observe vote counting and the unexplained stoppage of vote counting makes me a bit suspicious.

It gives rise to the suspicion that Democrats are cheating behind closed doors and are stopping the counts in order to see just how many votes they’ll need to secure a Joe Biden victory.


The state of Pennsylvania admitted in 2019 that at least 8,700 non citizens were on their voting rolls. Activists say the number is closer to almost 12,000.

Pennsylvania says these non citizens have been removed from the voting rolls BUT they refuse to disclose just how many were on the rolls. The Public Interest Legal Foundation even sued the state of Pennsylvania for refusing to disclose how many non citizens are on their voting rolls:

As I mentioned above, the President’s lead in Pennsylvania is less than 4,000 votes and is dwindling literally by the hour. 12,000 or 8,000 mail in votes – coming from non citizens – could potentially place Democrat Joe Biden in the White House.

After three plus years of Democrats decrying “foreign interference in our elections,” how ironic is would be if foreign interference from non citizens voting helped elect a Democrat President?


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