Video: "True The Vote's" Catherine Engelbrecht Discusses Mail In Ballot Fraud

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This photo shows mail-in ballots at the elections warehouse Monday, Nov. 3, 2014, in Salt Lake City. A steady increase of mail-in voting in Utah is changing the way candidates plan their campaigns and taking the impact and importance off of election day. Nine of Utah’s 29 counties are doing all mail-in voting this year and the number of people choosing to send in ballots early is on the rise across the state. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

I sincerely believe those on the left are going to stop at nothing to steal this election from President Trump. Their Trump Derangement Syndrome after the President’s surprising 2016 victory has never abated – even after his swearing in on inauguration day.

Democrats, with the help of “Never Trumper” and former FBI director James Comey, conducted a nearly three year witch hunt on so called Russian collusion which actually showed no collusion at all between the President’s campaign and Russia.

Democrats even engaged in a futile impeachment and removal effort, during an election year mind you, that resulted in an acquittal in the Republican controlled Senate. And to add insult to injury, Democrats are again talking about impeaching the President because of unproven charges in disgraced aide John Bolton’s new tell all book.

With their insistence that ballots be mailed out to every person currently on the voting rolls, I believe this will be the mechanism Democrats will use to cheat. Like most Americans I have zero problem with a voter voting by mail.

The problem ensues when we send out ballots to people that haven’t even requested one. This is just ripe for fraud especially when voting rolls are notoriously out of date. In many instances, the voter on the rolls has moved to another state or county or they are deceased. There is not nearly enough time, with just four months before the election, to thoroughly clean up these voting rolls.


Here’s the scenario I see playing out in the days after November’s election. In swing states where President Trump is either slightly ahead or losing, thousands of mail in ballots will suddenly appear at election offices that were postmarked AFTER the election.

Screaming their mantra that “every vote must count,” Democrats will find a partisan and activist judge who will rule in the Democrats favor and will allow these ballots to be counted. Making sure that nightmare scenario doesn’t play out this fall is True The Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht.

Catherine recently joined me in a town hall for Americans for Citizen Voting to discuss her organization and the important initiatives they are working on to make sure our elections are fair this November. You may remember watching Catherine’s testimony before a House hearing regarding President Obama’s IRS scandal. The IRS was found to be purposely delaying approval of conservative organizations 501c3 statuses during the run up to the 2012 election.

True the Vote, as part of its Voter Rights Initiative, filed legal action in Nevada and Virginia asking for preliminary injunctions in order to preserve critical voting safeguards that are necessary to upholding the integrity of elections.

In Nevada, True the Vote filed a preliminary injunction challenging the Secretary of State’s imposition of “universal mail in balloting.”  This is where ballots are mailed to every registered voter without the voter  actually requesting a ballot which is illegal under Nevada law. TTV  is also challenging Clark County’s decision to illegally mail ballots to inactive voters and the hiring of illegal ballot harvesters.


And in Virginia, TTV filed a preliminary injunction to stop the Virginia State Board of Elections from designating everyone in Virginia as “disabled” as a means to illegally allow all voters to request an absentee ballot. Current law prevents them from doing this. This is extremely problematic because Virginia election officials are not equipped with needed resources to handle such a massive influx of mail in ballots. More problematic is the fact they do not have procedures in place to guarantee all eligible voters will receive a ballot.

“As more and more efforts are made across the country to mandate voting by mail, True the Vote is committed to ensuring Americans’ constitutional voting rights are upheld, that their option to vote at polling places is not taken away, and that proper security measures are in place to guarantee that all eligible votes are properly counted,” said Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote. “All Americans should be concerned by the radical changes being made to our election processes under the guise of public health related to the COVID-19 outbreak. The sudden shift to all-mail ballots is only part of what’s happening. They are stripping essential security measures, like Voter ID laws and signature verification; sending ballots to inaccurate addresses and ineligible voters; and counting ballots received after Election Day. While implementing appropriate public health safeguards is a priority, so too must be protecting the integrity of our elections.”


As I said in the beginning of this article, Democrats are desperate and will use whatever means at their disposal, legal or illegal, to defeat president Trump. We must stay vigilant and informed to stop the Democrats undemocratic coup this November.


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