Two Problems Emerging for Biden/Harris Ticket

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden listens as his running mate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., speaks during a campaign event at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

As the sheen, luster, and glow fades off the announcement of Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) as Joe Biden’s running mate, I see two problems emerging for the Democrat ticket.

One, it’s becoming painfully obvious that Senator Harris is a political chameleon who will say and do whatever she needs to say or do in order to secure a political advantage.

We witnessed this during the Democrat primary campaign when she gained a well-deserved reputation as a flip-flopper. At first, while trying to run in the middle, Harris did not support “Medicare for All” or the “Green New Deal.”

Later, after her popularity came back down to earth after basically calling Biden a racist during a debate, she reversed herself and wholeheartedly supported the so-called progressive Left’s socialist schemes to redistribute wealth.

As the mainstream media assists political chameleon Kamala Harris by portraying her as a moderate to the nation, Californians and criminal justice reformers must be shaking their heads in disbelief at the media’s blatant deception.

Activists watched as she stood by and did nothing as the San Francisco District Attorney while defendants were wrongly convicted and sentenced during a tainted crime lab scandal.

After her promotion from Calfornia Attorney General to United States Senator, activists witnessed another flip-flop by Harris, when she reversed positions and supported advanced DNA testing for a death row inmate:


The New York Times fact-checked Gabbard’s claim about Cooper by explaining that he was “convicted by a jury for a 1983 quadruple murder. Ms. Harris, as attorney general, did not allow new advanced DNA testing in his case, denying Mr. Cooper’s request. After The New York Times wrote about the case, Ms. Harris told Times columnist Nicholas Kristof that “I feel awful about this” and called on the state to allow for such testing.”

Biden promised during the campaign that he would choose a woman running mate if he secured the nomination. The police incidents in Minneapolis and Atlanta involving George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery made an African American selection an almost must.

The mainstream media and the Democrat activists and pundits on television and radio will tell you Senator Harris has energized an otherwise unexciting campaign.

I believe there is only one demographic within the Democrat Party that Kamala Harris really excites and that is African American women. All that being said, this prominent African American political website points out that Harris has her work cut out for her convincing the wider African American community that she’s for them:

[B]acklash still came from those who see Democratic presidential presumptive nominee Joe Biden’s choice of Harris as a problematic one because of her former career as a prosecutor, at a time when the nation is reckoning with race and police brutality. The controversy is not lost on Harris. “We have to meet people where they are and address their needs,” Sen. Harris told theGrio in an exclusive interview on Saturday, when asked about voters who are uninspired by her and Joe Biden. “You may not fall in love with who you’re voting for, but if you just look down on a piece of paper at the issues that are impacting you every day, ” Harris continued.


The second problem emerging for the Biden/Harris ticket is the person headlining the ticket. The “hide Joe Biden in the basement” strategy is even beginning to wear thin with the mainstream media — Biden’s biggest cheerleaders! One of those media cheerleaders is Chris Cillizza, who wrote this for a piece titled, “It’s long past time for Joe Biden to start taking questions from the press.”

Look, I get why Biden and his team are limiting his exposure to the media. (And no, it’s not because, as Trump suggests, Biden “doesn’t know he’s alive.”) They know Biden is winning. They know the way to keep winning is to keep the spotlight on Trump as much as possible, a strategy that Trump plays right into with his constant tweeting and need to interact with the press constantly. They also know that Biden is an unpredictable messenger. He says things he shouldn’t. He makes news — and not in a good way for the whole make-the-race-a-straight-referendum-on-Trump strategy. Biden needs to meet the standards of presidents who have come before him. And at the moment, he’s not.

This paragraph makes you wonder if Cillizza is really this stupid, naive, or that big of a sycophant for the Biden/Harris ticket? Polling this early in a campaign is unreliable, especially polling in the age of Trump and the “cancel culture” when respondents may be fearful of giving a pollster their true opinions.

Yes, there is trouble in paradise, my friends, and the Democrats are in quite a pickle. Do you put Biden out there and let the American people see that he is not capable of being president?

Or, do you put his Number Two out there and let her answer questions on her repeated flip-flops and policy disagreements with Biden?



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