Watercooler Tuesday 6/7 Open Thread: Last Call for Voters; Lyin' State Dept.; Sunshine on Gitmo

Welcome back to the Watercooler and the final election day edition. What a long strange trip it’s been and today the last votes will be cast. Well except for D.C. for the Dems which is on June 14th.


It will be interesting to see how many people even come out to vote in today’s primaries in South Dakota, New Mexico, New Jersey, Montana and California. Clinton and Sanders both are worried that given her presumptive nomination status that voter turnout might be low in CA. On our side, it seems anti-climactic to me, since Trump clinched the presumptive nomination over a month ago. Will Cruz get more votes than Trump in some states?

Lyin’ State Department

We now know of two separate cases where State deleted public records about Iran. Now they are trying to run out the clock and the calendar on a FOIA request on Clinton emails that seek to find out her role in TPP. From FreeBeacon.com:

During a report for The Lead on Monday, CNN host Jake Tapper laid out the saga of International Business Times reporter David Sirota’s efforts to learn more about Clinton’s role in the TPP with a Freedom of Information Act request. Although she promoted it constantly at the State Department, she came out against it as a Democratic presidential candidate. As Sirota reported, the agency said it had finished the request but was delaying release until after the presidential election:

Last week the agency said it had completed the search process for the correspondence but also said it was delaying the completion of the request until late November 2016 —weeks after the presidential election. The delay was issued in the same week the Obama administration filed a court motion to try to kill a lawsuit aimed at forcing the federal government to more quickly comply with open records requests for Clinton-era State Department documents. The email read, in conclusion, “the new estimated completion date for your request is November 31, 2016.”


Sunshine on Gitmo

The president is scrambling to empty out Gitmo just to fulfill a campaign promise. We should be thankful to Congress that the clock has run out on his plan and now they trying to insure he can’t close it before he leaves office. A new amendment to the defense bill has been introduced that would mandate that the admin provide Congress with a 30 day notice of who and where the prisoners will be sent.

“The American people deserve to know when and where President Obama plans to transfer the remaining 80 detainees at Guantanamo Bay. As of January 2016, 204 out of 676 transferred Guantanamo detainees—almost one third of those transferred—were confirmed or suspected of reengaging in terrorist or insurgent activities,” Johnson told the Washington Free Beacon in a statement.

“Information regarding these transfers should be public, not hidden by unnecessary classification. The detainees remaining in the Guantanamo Bay facility are the worst of the worst, and the threat they pose must be addressed seriously and transparently.”

While the administration already informs Congress regarding planned transfers, those notices are classified.


As always, here at the Watercooler is an open thread so feel free to opine on whatever is on your mind. Enjoy your last election day and we’ll stay open late as the results come in tonight!


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