Watercooler 3/22 Open Thread: Brussels Burns, Obama Fiddles; AZ & UT Vote; Neocon Hillary?


Welcome back the Watercooler on a somber day for too many but also a hopeful day for democracy as America continues to vote for the next presidential nominee.

Brussels Burns, Obama Fiddles and Watches Baseball


There is no good reason for Obama and his family to spend three days in the Communist paradise of Cuba. Is it just me to think that any other president would rush home after Brussels was attacked to lend support and solidarity? He made it clear why he’d rather stay with his comrades (hint, he still holds a grudge against Europe):

“The United States and Cuba are like two brothers that’ve been estranged for many years,” Obama said. “We both live in a new world, colonized by Europeans. Cuba was in part built by slaves who were brought from Africa … Like the United States, Cuba can trace her heritage to both slaves and slave owners.”

Obama heads to Argentina next and announced he will declassify State Dept. and military records related to Argentina’s “Dirty War”, because human right’s groups have requested this from America for years. I don’t know enough about the topic, except to say it’s never a good thing to put our country in a bad light, especially some 40 years later. And, how is it they can find emails and records from way back then but can’t find emails on Benghazi, EPA, HRC, etc:

As part of the new declassification effort, the U.S. will search for additional records related to rights abuses committed by the junta, said a senior Obama administration official, who wasn’t authorized to discuss the program by name and requested anonymity. That search will for the first time include records from U.S. intelligence agencies, along with the Pentagon, U.S. law enforcement agencies and presidential libraries, the official said.


Election Day in America

Back to the sanity of voting in America. Today voters in AZ, UT and American Samoa (9 unbound delegates) will get to cast their preference votes with 58 delegates at stake in AZ’s winner take all contest and 48 in Utah with WTA if someone reaches 50%.

Enjoy the election returns while you can since the voting will be on Spring Break until the ND caucus on April Fool’s Day, April 5 WTA primary in Wisconsin and then another two-week lull until New York’s primary on April 19th.

Neocon Hillary?

There’s trouble in Hillary’s inner circle of Leftists over her AIPAC speech. Liberals are outraged at her pro-Israel stance and one blogger is even upset at her for criticizing Trump’s neutral stance! From Gawker via the link:

“Clinton promising a return to a bipartisan and seemingly unconditional embrace of the political leadership of Israel is disheartening to many—especially many liberals, including plenty of Jewish liberals—who’d hoped to see America challenge Israel’s intransigent, increasingly right-wing leadership, rather than refuse to admit the existence of daylight between America’s aims and interests and those of the Netanyahu government,” Pareene wrote.



Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dies after 18-month struggle with rare form of cancer.

Cruz gets some love: Mia Love endorses Cruz before Utah Caucus.

Mexico is interfering with our election, on our soil. Where is the outrage from Obama? Remember no visit from Israel PM so close to their election?

Here at the Watercooler, we welcome you to opine about anything that’s on your mind. Drop by often to talk about these stories, the election or something else that catches your eye in this open thread diary. We’ll even provide virtual popcorn for tonight’s election results if you bring the soda.



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