Watercooler 3/8/16 Open Thread: 150, Robocalls, PledgeGate, Women and Pancakes.


Welcome back to the Watercooler and another election day in America.

150 Delegates – 1,056 and 44.69%

After tonight’s 150 delegates are awarded in MI, MS, ID and HI, the RNC will have allotted a total of 1,056 out of the grand total of 2,363 or 44.69%. We’re not even halfway there yet! A quick guide for each state is as follows:


MI: 59, Open Primary, 15% Threshold, WTA for At Large and CD if over 50%

MS: 40, Open Primary, 15% Threshold for At Large, WTA for CD if over 50%

ID: 32, Closed Primary, 20% Threshold, WTA for At Large and CD if over 50%

HI: 19 delegates, Closed Caucus, Proportional, No threshold


Do robocalls work? Does it matter who is doing the robo-ing? Romney is doing robocalls for Rubio in FL and Utah and for Kasich in MI. It makes sense to me that Kasich would pay him to do these calls but Rubio? Nothing screams establishment more than Romney so we’ll see if they’re helpful or not. Of course Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsed Kasich and called him an Action Hero. Just think if Arnold did robocalls for Kasich: “Go ahead, make my day and vote for Kasich”.

Speaking of Romney, seems his epic Trump bashing speech might have backfired per a Morning Consult Poll:

Thirty-one percent of GOP voters said they were more likely to vote for Trump, while 20 percent said less likely, and 43 percent said it had no impact either way.

The poll, which was conducted March 4 through March 6, also finds that only five percent of Trump supporters said they are now less likely to vote for Trump. And, of those who voted for Romney in 2012, 30 percent said they were more likely to vote for Trump, compared to 20 percent who said less likely. Nearly half (48 percent) said it wouldn’t affect their vote either way



Bad name I know but I didn’t have space in the title to write, “Much Ado About Pledges is Stupid”. This whole thing comparing Trump to Nazi when he asks people at his rallies to raise their hand and swear to vote for him is ridiculous. Let’s not forget that in the very first GOP debate, Bret Baier asked every candidate to raise their hand and promise to sign the RNC pledge.

Now we have, Hillary Clinton Pledges to Never Let Donald Trump Become President. What’s worse? Hillary requiring supporters to sign a loyalty pledge just to get into one of her events that was geared towards millennials (see actual picture of her pledge here) or Trump using a rally to GOTV?

New Polls

This first is a national poll from Morning Consult and shows that Cruz is gaining on Trump, while Trump is trending downward.

March 4-6, 2016 February 26-27, 2016 February 24-25, 2016
Donald Trump 40% 44% 42%
Ted Cruz 23% 15% 14%
Marco Rubio 14% 14% 19%
John Kasich 10% 5% 5%

We have a few new polls, all data from RCP, so we’ll be able to find out just how accurate they are tonight for Michigan.


  • Fox2Detroit/Mitchell: Trump 41%, Kasich 23%, Cruz 18%, Rubio 8%
  • Trafalgar Group (R):  Trump 41%, Kasich 23%, Cruz 23%, Rubio 8%
  • Monmouth: Trump 36%, Cruz 23%, Kasich 21%, Rubio 13%


  • Bay News 9: Trump 42%, Rubio 22%, Cruz 17%, Kasich 10%
  • Monmouth:  Trump 38%, Rubio 30%, Cruz 17%, Kasich 10%


Today is International Women’s Day and as Greta said last night, women in America should also celebrate the men in America as they treat women the best.

It’s also National Pancake Day.  Naturally IHOP celebrates it and is giving away a free stack today in hopes for a donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals or another charity.

Another Czar? The Obama administration is seeking to hire a new information security director who will be responsible for overseeing the classification and declassification on all sensitive U.S. government information, according to a posting on the government’s jobs website.

Obama’s new friends in Iran are threatening to walk away from the unsigned nuclear deal just hours after the country breached international agreements by test-firing ballistic missiles. Why?

“If our interests are not met under the nuclear deal, there will be no reason for us to continue,” Abbas Araqchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister, warned during remarks delivered to a group of Iranian officials in Tehran.

So if we impose new sanctions for them violating UN Resolutions, then we are working against their best interests. And now we find out that:


…the international community’s nuclear watchdog organization disclosed that it is prohibited by the nuclear agreement from publicly reporting on potential violations by Iran.

As usual, the Watercooler is an open thread so free to opine about a story above or whatever is on your mind. We’ll stay open late for the election results to come in so grab some hotcakes or popcorn and enjoy another election day in America.


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