Watercooler 1/4/16 Open Thread: Speakos, Grandparents for President, Aliens and DWS Troubles


Candidate Speakos

With just a few weeks before voters get cast their votes, the pressure is on the candidates to make their final push for the January elections. They must be under tremendous pressure and it seems speakos come with the territory. As a reminder, the infamous Jonathan Gruber tried to cover up his past statements about Obamacare by calling them a speako, like a verbal typo, and words he wished he could take back. Here’s a few that may come back to haunt the candidates.


Jeb Bush today on Morning Joe: “(Trump) He’s not going to win Iowa and if he doesn’t win Iowa, then he’s going to have a hard time here (NH) and then if he doesn’t win here, then the whole thing collapses”. And “If he wins the nomination, it would be a landslide”. It’s hard to tell if he was really talking about Trump or channeling the plight of his own campaign.

Hillary Clinton: When someone asked her on the trail what is her response to Trump saying that she and Obama created ISIS she responded, “I’ve adopted a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to let him live in his alternate reality and I’m not going to respond.

Bill Clinton: He just volunteered this tidbit on his NH stump for his wife: “I’m a happy grandfather and I’m not mad at anybody.”

Which brings me to Grandparents running for president.

Hillary has been touting her status as a grandmother on the campaign trail for a while now. I suppose her campaign advised her to do so in order to make her a more likable candidate with a softer side. We know Hispanics didn’t appreciate her pandering but it seems she didn’t learn her lesson.


This week HRC unleashed her not-so-secret weapon, Bill, onto the campaign trail and now he’s talking up his grandfatherly status. Which is apt since it appeared to be a snooze fest with about 700 people compared to Trumps 7,000 up the road in Lowell, MA. If you want to see what I mean, you can watch a clip here.

Frankly, all this talk of matriarchs and patriarchs just makes them look like yesterday’s news and the political world has passed them by. Please, I beg them to publish 7 Ways Bill Clinton is Just Like Your Abuelo.

Aliens and Area 51… and Grandparents

You know what they say about the elderly trying to become president, the first thing to go is their mind. Well the WFB reported that last week, Hillary promised to get to the bottom of UFOs when interviewed for a newspaper in NH:

Clinton said that she would “get to the bottom” of UFOs as president and also would look into Area 51, first referring to the military facility as “Area 54.” [snip]

“I think we may have been [visited already]. We don’t know for sure,” Hillary Clinton said last week, appearing to defend her husband. Clinton also noted that John Podesta, the chairman of her presidential campaign, is interested in UFOs.

“He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information [about UFOs] out. One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51,” Clinton said.


DWS Troubles

Yes, it seems there’s trouble in the DNC paradise for Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Progressives are upset with her for paving the way for a Clinton coronation and want her to resign. An advocacy group, RootsAction, started a petition and had over 24 signatures in just four days, with 25K being the goal.

Norman Solomon, one of the founders of RootsAction, said in a statement that Wasserman Schultz is guilty of attempting to “manipulate” the election.

“The head of one of the two big political parties in the United States is trying to manipulate the presidential election process by limiting direct debate and tilting the national party apparatus in favor of one candidate,” Solomon said in a statement Tuesday. “This is unacceptable.”

Wow, who didn’t see that coming? Bernie, Martin? Anyone?

Today’s Parting Note and Video

Before this New Year, Hillary was full of bluster about Trump in her last mock primary debate, ready to take him and his awful rhetoric head on. When she brought out her big gun Bill, he too took a pass at saying anything about Trump, rather than standing up to the bully to protect his woman. This folks, is why Trump is the killer rabbit that everyone is afraid of and will runaway from, even if it means losing the keys to the White House.



Here at the Watercooler, it’s open to everyone to comment on the stories above or opine about something that’s on your mind. The threadjack rules don’t apply here, so feel free to exercise your First Amendment. Happy Tuesday!


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