Anti-Establishment: Why Trump Won In 2016

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Donald Trump during campaign rally (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci).

The election of Donald J. Trump did not occur due to an abundance of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other prejudice the American people might feel towards minorities. President Trump won the 2016 election due to a failure of both political parties to provide the American people with a candidate who could be trusted.

Though the year changes, the election mostly stays the same: an establishment Republican runs against an establishment Democrat. Both sides promise “change,” Republicans in the form of cutting down the size of Government to solve problems, and Democrats in the form of Government programs to solve the same problems. One of these political candidates is elected by the people to whom they promised public service, this politician travels to Capitol Hill, and…promptly “forgets” all of his/her promises, grandstanding, and talk of “change.” The politician submerges into the slime and filth that is the Washington D.C. swamp, and disappears. The honest, hard-working Americans who voted for him/her are forgotten, replaced with corporate money and the intense desire to be reelected. Sound familiar? 

Unfortunately, it probably does, just think back a bit… Republicans and Democrats have both promised “change” but have they brought it? Welfare, healthcare, taxes, unemployment, military funding, gun violence, the ever-elusive answer to retirement Social Security will not fix, and of course America’s debt, now over 20 trillion dollars. Both Republicans and Democrats have yet to fix, or even give a real attempt to solve, these problems. This is because, for the most part, politicians care about one thing: getting reelected.

This is exactly why the “change” of which politicians speak so often never occurs; this is why politicians never make the change happen. The establishment loves problems because they can use such issues to get elected, and then reelected. However, if anyone fixes these problems, establishment politicians have nothing on which to run, and therefore, can’t get reelected. While this problem could be easily fixed by term limits and disposing of political benefits (ie. Retirement), establishment politicians are a huge reason behind the election of Donald Trump in 2016. 

Trump ran as the anti-establishment, drain-the-swamp, self-funded candidate; and he won. Trump won because he was different. In a sense, he fought back. When an article was printed about him which he disliked, Trump called “fake news.”  When the press  took some of his words out of context, Trump also called that “fake news.” He bashed late night hosts, Fallon, Colbert, Noah, and effectively stood up for middle America. The political establishment hated him, and tried to undermine him every chance they got. Trump used no flowery language or politically correct speech; he articulated exactly what he wanted for the country, to make America great again. 

Americans were tired of being tired, they were getting the same results with each political candidate, no change. Therefore, they elected Trump. 

Our president, at least on the outside, is not a moral person. From his comments in 2005, to calling his lewd sex life comparable to the Vietnam War, Trump is not one to whom to be looked up, morally speaking. However, due to the absolute degradation of the Republican and Democratic parties, the American people elected Donald Trump, and it’s about time the political establishment respected that.

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