Republican Arizona Victory Office Opens in Phoenix Ahead of Competitive Election

Republican Congressional candidate Kelly Cooper speaks at the Arizona Victory Office Grand Opening on Sept. 24, 2022

The Republican National Committee opened its Arizona Victory Office in the Ahwatukee Foothills neighborhood of Phoenix on Saturday afternoon.

Its office is intended to serve as a hub for volunteer work and organizing events ahead of the competitive midterm election in November.


Numerous candidates briefly spoke at the opening, including Republican Kelly Cooper, who’s running against incumbent Democrat Greg Stanton in the competitive Fourth Congressional District in the Phoenix metropolitan area’s East Valley.

“I want to tell you that many of you see this as the darkest times in America, or very, very nearly the darkest times in America. But I can tell you, we are headed in the brightest future that we could possibly have because of Patriots like all of you,” Cooper said.

Other speakers, like District 12 state Senate candidate David Richardson, also said they felt uplifted by seeing the crowded room of volunteers.

“I cannot tell you how encouraging it’s to see so many people gathered together on a Saturday when you could be doing anything else, but instead you’re here to support the Republican Party and candidates. So it’s encouraging to me cause I know that I’m sure some of you may have felt that it’s really easy to feel alone and to feel like if there needs to be change, but you don’t know how to do it,” Richardson said.


“I am uniquely privileged to run against probably the most disliked candidate in the state legislature. So it’s, I consider, I’m grateful for that. And just like they said, Arizona has no place for progressive left policies,” he later added.

One attendee said that the mobilization office will be vital to the state party’s efforts.

“I think it’s just one of the most important things out there. Knocking doors really helps create impact, the voters, and help us with the message of conservativism and Republicans and being, you know, spreading our message and getting the truth out there instead of that the big media says and lies about,” attendee Michael Jones said.

Arizona is considered a toss-up state, especially due to the political diversity in Maricopa County.


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