Trump Aims to Help Persecuted Christian Refugees


During an interview with CBN News Chief Political Correspondent David Brody, President Donald J. Trump said he sees persecuted Christians as a  priority when it comes to obtaining refugee status in the United States.


Trump also told Brody that Christians in Syria have been treated unfairly in the refugee process. You can watch Trump promise to help persecuted Christians refugees in the following video clip released by CBN in advance of the full interview to be aired on Sunday:

Transcript of video :

DAVID BRODY: “Persecuted Christians, we’ve talked about this, the refugees overseas. The refugee program, or the refugee changes you’re looking to make. As it relates to persecuted Christians, do you see them as kind of a priority here?”


DAVID BRODY: “You do?”

PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They’ve been horribly treated. Do you know if you were a Christian in Syria it was impossible, at least very tough to get into the United States? If you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible and the reason that was so unfair, everybody was persecuted in all fairness, but they were chopping off the heads of everybody but more so the Christians. And I thought it was very, very unfair. So we are going to help them.”


Video and transcript courtesy of CBN News/the Brody File

According to ABC News, the Refugee Processing Center reports that in 2016, there were 15,302 Muslims who arrived in the U.S. from Syria and there were 93 people, also from Syria, who identified as either Catholic, Christian, Protestant or Jehovah’s Witness.


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