'Get My Lawyer!' - Trump Already Wants To Trademark a Reelection Slogan


During his recent interview with The Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty, President-elect Donald J. Trump revealed the slogan for his 2020 reelection campaign.

According to Aaron Blake, in the middle of the interview, “Trump seems to decide, on the spot, to nail down the 2020 slogan and share it with the world.”

It’s “Keep America Great!” Or maybe just “Keep America Great,” sans exclamation point.

As soon as he shared the slogan with Tumulty, Trump called for his lawyer:

“Get me my lawyer!” the president-elect shouted.

Two minutes later, one arrived.

“Will you trademark and register, if you would, if you like it — I think I like it, right? Do this: ‘Keep America Great,’ with an exclamation point. With and without an exclamation. ‘Keep America Great,’ ” Trump said.

“Got it,” the lawyer replied.



Then Trump returned to the interview.

Even though Trump has not yet been sworn in, Trump is planning his reelection. Blake reports that Trump has already determined that in four years time, he will have Made America Great Again:

“I never thought I’d be giving [you] my expression for four years [from now],” he said. “But I am so confident that we are going to be, it is going to be so amazing. It’s the only reason I give it to you. If I was, like, ambiguous about it, if I wasn’t sure about what is going to happen — the country is going to be great.”

It’s going to be an “interesting” four years.