Ted Cruz: Obama Strengthened Cuba Dictator Raul Castro (Video)

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U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz today appeared on ABC’s “This Week” and discussed the death of Cuba’s longtime oppressive dictator Fidel Castro and the future of U.S.-Cuban relations.


When ABC News’ Martha Radditz asked Cruz about Fidel Castro’s Death, Sen. Cruz responded:

This is a powerful moment for people all across the country, and especially for Cuban Americans. I was with my dad when he found out the news that Fidel Castro was dead, and he simply said, ‘Praise God.’ For so many of us whose families had been in prison, had been tortured, had seen the destruction of Cuba that Castro carried out… For a man who has tortured and murdered and oppressed, for so many, it is thankful he is no longer with us.

The senator’s father, Rafael Cruz, fled Cuba in the 1950s after being jailed by the regime of Fulgencio Batista, who was the island nation’s president until his government was overthrown by the Castro-led Cuban Revolution in 1959.

Radditz then asked Cruz about American Policy Toward Cuba. In His response, Cruz nailed it, excoriating President Obama for strengthening Raul Castro:

What the Obama administration has done is strengthen Raul Castro. Raul is the dictator now.

I asked my dad at dinner last night, ‘What do you think happens now that Fidel is dead?’ And he shrugged and said, ‘Raul has been in charge for years.

The system has gotten stronger.’ What Obama has done is funneled billions of dollars to Raul Castro, which is being used to oppress dissidents. In 2016, roughly 10,000 political arrests occurred in Cuba – that is five times as many as occurred in 2010, when there were only about 2,000. This tyrannical regime has gotten stronger because of a weak president and weak foreign policy.

It is very much my hope and belief that with a new president coming into office in January, President Trump and a new administration, that U.S. foreign policy, not just to Cuba but towards our enemies, whether they are Iran or North Korea, will no longer be a policy of weakness and appeasement, but instead using U.S. strength to force and press for change.


You can watch a video of Radditz’s interview of Sen. Cruz below:

Radditz still has some sort of grudge with President-elect Donald Trump. It was evident during the last presidential debate when Radditz inserting herself into the debate and answering her own question when she didn’t care for Trump’s answer.

Her grudge was still apparent today when she relentlessly badgered, but still failed to get Sen. Cruz to say that he still thought Trump was a liar. It was disgraceful for ABC to the frame a headline about the Cruz interview as “Cruz Doesn’t Disown Prior Claim That Trump ‘Lies.’ Perhaps ABC is unaware that Cruz told Houston’s ABC owned-and-operated KTRK-TV’s Tom Abrahams that he forgave Trump.

We should also keep in mind that “This Week’s” regular host, George Stephanopoulos, wants Trump impeached.



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