More Early Exit Polling: Hillary's Ground Game, Obama's Impact and a Mandate


New preliminary results from the Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll confirm that Hillary has a superior ground game, Obama had little impact, and a majority say the winner will have a mandate.


According to the exit polling more voters were contacted by Hillary Clinton’s campaign than by Donald Trump’s:

Seventeen percent of voters say they were contacted by Clinton’s campaign by phone or in person, compared to only 8 percent who say Trump’s camp reached them. Another 9 percent say they were contacted by both campaigns, and 62 percent say neither campaign made contact with them.

The polling also reveals little “Obama effect” at the ballot box. Twenty-one percent of voters said their vote was to express support for President Barack Obama, while 19 percent said it was to express opposition to Obama. A 55-percent majority said their opinion of Obama was not a factor, but a 69-percent majority expect Clinton to mainly continue Obama’s policies.

A 55-percent majority thinks the winner of the election “has a mandate to take the country towards the vision they spoke about during the campaign,” while 23 percent don’t think the winner will have a mandate. Another 22 percent aren’t sure.


The Morning Consult/POLITICO Exit Poll was conducted October 18 – November 8, 2016 among 9,704 early/Election Day Voters.

That Hillary has the better Ground Game should surprise no one. Jay Caruso made that clear this morning. In addition. considering that Sen. Ted Cruz had the best ground game I’ve ever seen and that didn’t stop Trump, one might wonder why it makes a difference now?


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