New Quinnipiac Swing State Polls Look at Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina and Virginia


New Quinnipiac University swing State polling released today finds that Hillary Clinton wiped out Donald Trump’s leads in Georgia and Iowa, has a slight edge in North Carolina and is whomping Trump in the formerly red state of Virginia:


  • Trump – 44%
  • Clinton – 43%
  • Johnson – 8%


  • Clinton – 44%
  • Trump – 44%
  • Johnson 4%


  • Clinton – 47%
  • Trump – 43%
  • Johnson – 5%


  • Clinton – 50%
  • Trump – 38%
  • Johnson – 4%

In a  September 22 Q-poll, Trump led Clinton in Georgia 47 – 40 percent and in Iowa by 44 – 37 percent, while Hillary was ahead in Virginia 45 – 39 percent. In North Carolina Hillary led Trump 46 to 43 percent in an October 3 Q-poll.

There is no good news for trump in this polling. The Donald may not have expected to win Virginia, but he cannot lose Georgia, Iowa, North Carolina and have any hope of winning the presidency.

Wide gender and racial gaps remain, but Trump’s standing among men is shrinking, especially in Georgia and Iowa. Only an average of about 35 percent of likely voters in these four key states have a favorable opinion of Trump, and more than half say they have an unfavorable view of him. Hillary’s favorability numbers are only slightly better – in the low to mid 40s – but that difference in favorability is enough.

Hillary is leading the early voting in Georgia 48 – 42 percent, Iowa 61 – 27 percent and North Carolina 62 – 34 percent.

The four swing state polls were conducted October 20 – 26, among likely voters and the margin of error is +/- 3.7 percent for the Georgia and North Carolina polling, +/- 3.5 percent for the Iowa and +/- 3.6 percent for Virginia.

The Real Clear Politics average for these four swing states currently has Trump up by 2.8 points in Georgia and Hillary up by 4.4 points in Iowa, 3.0 points in North Carolina and 8.0 points in Virginia.

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