Poll: Presidential Race Still Close in Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio


New CNN/ORC polls in the battleground states of Nevada, North Carolina and Ohio find the presidential campaign still close among likely voters:


  • Clinton – 46%
  • Trump – 44%
  • Johnson – 7%

North Carolina

  • Clinton – 48%
  • Trump – 47%
  • Johnson – 4%


  • Trump – 48%
  • Clinton – 44%
  • Johnson – 4%

The polls were all conducted  from October 10 through 15, as accusations of sexual assault against Donald Trump began to roll out after of the release the 2005 “Access Hollywood” video, and have a plus or minus 3.5 percent margin of error for likely voters.

According to CNN’s Polling Director, Jennifer Agiesta, voters in these battlegrounds had heard a great deal about the video itself, but in Ohio and North Carolina, comparisons to CNN/ORC polls in September and late-August respectively suggest the allegations aren’t hurting Trump. That provides confirmation of the  Washington Post-ABC News poll, which found the controversy appears to “have had only a minimal impact on his [Trump’s] overall support.”

Agiesta also reports that Hillary Clinton voters  in Nevada and North Carolina are more set in their choice, than are Trump’s, But the Donald’s supporters are more enthusiastic:

Likely voters who back Clinton in Nevada and North Carolina are more set in their choices than are Trump backers in the state, with just 7% of Clinton supporters in Nevada and 6% in North Carolina saying there’s a chance they could change their mind by election day. Among Trump backers, the equivalent numbers are 14% in Nevada and 13% in North Carolina. In Ohio, however, both candidates’ supporters are equally likely to say they could change their minds before election day, 12% say they’re not set in their choices.

Among registered voters overall, Trump’s backers are more enthusiastic about voting than are Clinton’s supporters in both Nevada (57% extremely or very enthusiastic among Trump backers vs. 48% among Clinton supporters) and Ohio (45% for Trump voters, 38% for Clinton voters). In North Carolina, Clinton holds the edge, 53% to 48%.


Voters in all three states say the candidates’ positions on the issues will be more important to their vote than the candidates’ personal qualities. There is little choice on that as both candidates remain unpopular and neither is seen as trustworthy nor honest.


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