Howard Dean: From Yowler to Attack Dog to Just Wildly Tweeting Crazy, Made-Up Stuff

Donald Trump sniffled his way through last night’s “presidential” debate. His sniffling was so bad that it became the debate’s first meme. The Donald’s sniffles were bad enough that #SnifflingDonald was actually trending on Twiiter.



Hillary Clinton supporters were having fun trying to turn the table on those who questioned Hillary’s health by asking just how sick is Trump?

The sniffles even made it big in the legacy media thanks to the latest antics of Howard Dean. During the debate Dean tweeted, “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?”


During this campaign I have written dozens and dozens of articles taking Trump to task for all manner of outrages, but I have not seen anything that suggests he was a coke user. Even in the 2016 presidential campaign Dean’s inappropriate Tweet went way too far. But it got the Democrats’ attack dog-in-chief a lot of attention scoring more than 24,00 retweets and 35,000 likes.

Of course Dean’s over the top and unsupported “coke user” charge was enough to move the sniffles and Dean’s tweet into the biased media wing of the Democrats’ Party. That started with the reliably Liberal The Hill,  which gave the coke sniffles a perch on Memeorandum:



Unfortunately, such outrageousness is nothing new for Dean.  You may remember that Dean was once the Democrats’ front runner for 2004 presidential nomination until he appeared to go bat sh*t crazy celebrating his third place finish in the Iowa Primary:

Dean’s infamous Yowl resulted in the media demonizing him as too demonic to be president. Of course the Democrats know just what to do with such a loose cannon. After the media destroyed his presidential credibility, as they are now dong their darnedest to do to Trump, the Democrats cast Dean in the roll of John Kerry’s chief attack dog and made him chairman of the Democrats’ Party.

Shame on Howard Dean.


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