No Individual Is Too Big To Jail Should Include Hillary Clinton

No Individual Is Too Big To Jail Should Include Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

On Sunday’s edition of NBC’s Meet the Press, former Defense Intelligence Agency, and advisor to Donald Trump, Director Gen. Michael Flynn questioned immunity deals received by Cheryl Mills and four other former Hillary Clinton aides. Flynn quoted Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta as saying no individual is “too big to jail, that should include people like Hillary Clinton. Five people around her have had – have been given immunity, to include her former chief of staff. When you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime. I don’t know how he can sit there and say something like that with all the things that have been going around, just swirling around Hillary Clinton with her emails.”

The Podesta quote came from earlier in the show when Podeasta was trying to obfuscate Hillary’s very close ties to Goldman Sachs, one of Wall Street’s biggest brands. Chuck Todd asked Podesta about an article in Sunday’s New York Times, which explores the extensive ties between Clinton and Goldman Sachs including the paid speeches she and former president Bill Clinton gave at Goldman Sachs events and other financial institutions, support Hillary gave to Goldman Sachs as Secretary of State, and campaign contributions made by Goldman Sachs to Hillary.

According to the Times, former president Clinton received over half a million dollars for three Goldman events in 2005 alone. During Hillary’s first year on the speech making circuit after she resigned as Obama’s secretary of state, more than a third of her paid speeches were for financial companies. Hillary earned $675,000 to deliver three speeches at Goldman events and continues to rebuff requests to release transcripts of them. While Hillary was in Congress, employees of Goldman donated in excess of $234,000 to Hillary — more than those of any other company except Citigroup.

Chuck Todd asked Podesta whether these ties undermine Hillary’s credibility when she claims she can be tough on Wall Street. In his terrible effort to belittle Hillary’s ties to Wall Street Podesta said, “What she wants to do is make sure that there’s no institution too big to fail and no individual too big to jail. So I think she will, she has, pursued a very aggressive path on Wall Street.”  Right, very aggressive as in give me more and more of your money.

The immunity deals for the five former Clinton aides also came up during Fox News Sunday. When Chris Wallace asked Clinton campaign strategist Joel Benenson about the immunity deals, Benneson did his best to make the immunity sound routine and “appropriate.”

WALLACE:  We learned on Friday that as part of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail system that Cheryl Mills, her chief of staff when she was — Clinton was secretary of state, that she was one of the people, five people, who received limited immunity.  How do you explain that, Joel?

BENENSON:  Well, Chris, I think you’re probably familiar with what limited immunity is.  It’s fairly routine when police and law enforcement are investigating a particular issue and you’re sitting down with them to give fool cooperation, turn over materials, hand over computers, BlackBerrys, whatever. . . .

WALLACE:  Well, it had something to do with the investigation.

BENENSON:  No, no —

WALLACE:  They wanted the laptop for a reason.


WALLACE:  If I may just asked question.  If Clinton — well, I’m trying to ask a question, Joel.


WALLACE:  If Clinton did nothing wrong, if no one on her staff did anything wrong, why did Cheryl Mills ask for and receive immunity, limited immunity from criminal prosecution in this case?

BENENSON:  Because the reason for that, Chris, is to that if you’re handing over a vast amount of materials, something like your computer or your BlackBerry or whatever.  It could be files that they want that are not germane or relevant.  It could be conversations with anybody else, your accountant, somebody.  Law enforcement offers this up to you to encourage you to sit down and provide —

WALLACE:  Well, they didn’t offer it to her.  Cheryl Mills asked for it.

BENENSON:  But it’s a fairly routine process, and you know that, Chris.  So, I think — let’s talk about it.  You know that prosecutors and investigators, when they’re investigating —

WALLACE:  Actually, I’ll be honest.  It may be true.  I didn’t — I don’t know that.

BENENSON:  Can I finish the answer quickly?

So that they can get a good look at the information that’s germane to their investigation.

WALLACE:  Finally —

BENENSON:  That’s what they wanted. They wanted to make sure they had access to Cheryl Mills’ information about e-mails.  Not anything else.

Getting a straight answer out of team Clinton is like pulling teeth. The more we hear about these immunity deals for Hillary’s aides, the more it seems like it was about protecting Hillary and her people from facing criminal charges.

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