This Second Opinion Contradicts Hillary Pneumonia Diagnosis

Hillary Clinton, Christopher Beckett

Red State has learned exclusively of a second opinion that challenges the publicly announced diagnosis suggesting that Hillary Clinton’s recent public incidents of seizure-like shaking, stumbling and near-fainting are caused by pneumonia.

It turns out that the man we’ve connected with before in his role as a spokesperson for the group behind projects to erect “Ready for Hillary” signs at prisons throughout the country and re-name New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility the Hillary Clinton Correctional Facility and uncover the cover-up of the Clinton pardons issue and also in his role as a top secret Trump advisor, is also a doctor.

His second opinion diagnosis that might better explain the mystery surrounding Hillary Clinton’s medical condition was provided exclusively to Red State on the condition that we do not reveal his name. “I have to be very careful,” he said, “since I do not qualify for one of those ‘Lives Matter’ lists.”

RedState: You’re not buying the diagnosis that Hillary Clinton has pneumonia?

Secret Doctor: She probably also does have pneumonia right now – but this doesn’t explain why for quite some time we have been witnessing her having all these bouts of seizure-like shaking, stumbling, senseless nervous laughing and near-fainting when she’s out in public.

RedState: Your opinion?

Secret Doctor: She’s truthphobic. It’s a rare condition and she has for a long time been severely truthphopic. What she has been exposed to for the past year is exactly the worst sort of thing that can happen to any person suffering from truthphobia.

RedState: Truthphopic? Truthphobia? These aren’t familiar terms? And just what are you suggesting she has been exposed to that has changed things?

Secret Doctor: You know how the Left is always diagnosing conservatives as Islamophopic for being upset with terrorism or homophobic for not advocating gay marriage?  Now, of course, a phobia is an irrational fear of something. They deliberately attempt to subvert the true meaning of words. But in Hillary Clinton’s case saying she is truthphobic is correct usage. She clearly has an irrational fear of the truth. It manifests itself by her compulsion to lie about nearly anything.

RedState: You said that what she has been exposed to for the past year is exactly the worst sort of thing that can happen to any person suffering from truthphobia – what?

Secret Doctor: Scrutiny. The more people actually pay attention to her the more they realize that she can’t handle the truth. She’s terminally truthphobic.

RedState: What kind of doctor are you? Some people are going to say you’re a Witch Doctor.

Secret Doctor: Some might. But more will say — exactly the right specialty to find the perfect doctor for Hillary Clinton!

RedState: Anything to add?

Secret Doctor: Just a little. Forget those internet conspiracy theory items claiming that the guy standing near her so often with some device in hand is there because they’re worried she might actually suffer a seizure instead of all the time just looking like she is and that he’s ready to inject her with some anti-seizure medication.

RedState: You don’t buy that either?

Secret Doctor: No. Here’s what’s really going on: Being so severely truthphopic, she is absolutely terrified about all the “Ready for Hillary” signs that are popping up in front of prisons around the country. Our group is rattling her. We have her shaking – literally shaking. She’s having nervous fits in public because she gets it that we are helping Americans understand that the truth is that prison is where she belongs. Truth scares her. Absolutely frightens her. It’s why she can’t speak it. Wants nothing to do with it. And this – her irrational fear of truth, the condition known as Truthphopia – is the real explanation why she has been having all these bouts of seizure-like shaking, stumbling, senseless nervous laughing and near-fainting.

RedState: The Clinton campaign has just issued a statement in which they claim that besides pneumonia her peculiar conditions that have been on public display are also attributable to her having asthma.

Secret Doctor: She may well have asthma, just as she may well have pneumonia – but neither is the correct explanation. Truthphobia is not an allergy. Anyone can get an allergy and they’re trying to brush her condition off as something anyone could get which is just not the case. Truthphobia only affects liars. Bigger the liar worse the condition. You may have heard it called by its nickname – lyingjitis. But the only way they can pass off truthphobia as being an allergy is if they’re suggesting that Hillary Clinton is allergic to the truth. Which, come to think of it, is an impression most people have of her. But you cannot get truthphobia accidentally – you have to work really hard at lying to get it.

RedState: That it?

Secret Doctor: Let me end by pointing out that there is no truth to a rumor that has been going around about an activity we supposedly have planned. Hillary Clinton’s campaign is especially terrified about this one but we want to make it clear that we consider such an idea out-of-bounds and would never attempt it.

RedState: What?

Secret Doctor: We have no plans to try to inject Hillary Clinton with sodium pentothal – you know, truth serum. It’s too frightening to think what suddenly actually telling the truth could do to a person who has dedicated her entire life to lying.

End of transcript

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