Hillary Nemesis Group Uncovers Pardon Issue Cover-up


The group behind projects to erect “Ready for Hillary” signs at prisons throughout the country and re-name New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility the Hillary Clinton Correctional Facility early today conducted its much anticipated second news conference which it called to announce the uncovering of a major Hillary Clinton scandal. Justice for All is a secret group of citizens outraged that Clinton has not been indicted for offenses for which they feel anyone else would have been. Red State attended. A transcript follows:


Spokesperson: The Suspect Hillary Clinton still remains at large instead of behind bars.  At today’s news conference we will uncover and discuss a scandal having to do with her and her accomplice Wild Bill and their gang that is being overlooked by the mainstream media, was overlooked by prosecutors, overlooked by every leading Republican figure we can think of and – pains me to have to say this – even overlooked by RedState and every other reputable outlet of the conservative media.

RedState: What Hillary Clinton scandal is everyone overlooking?

Spokesperson: Pardon.

RedState: I asked: What Hillary Clinton scandal is everyone overlooking?

Spokesperson: Pardon.

RedState: What’s going on here?

Spokesperson: Our point exactly – just what’s going on here?

RedState: Huh?

Spokesperson: Pardon. The pardon issue is a huge issue. Why is no one – no one – raising the issue of presidential pardons in connection with Hillary Clinton’s bid to be president?

RedState: Are you claiming that the scandal of Clintons selling presidential pardons has never been covered?

Spokesperson: No. I’m pointing out that it’s being covered up.

RedState:  How so?

Spokesperson: Yesterday The Suspect Hillary Clinton held her first news conference in 277 days. Donald Trump has held 17 so far this year and this is our second within the last couple weeks. And what did the media ask her?

RedState: She was asked to comment about remarks that she wasn’t smiling enough. She was asked if there was a double-standard applied to her because she’s a woman.

Spokesperson: Mine was a rhetorical question but thanks. The point is that she was not questioned about things she should be questioned about. Sure, people may wonder why someone who was handed a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card isn’t grinning ear-to-ear every minute that she’s able to draw a breath without coughing. And, sure, the reporter who seemed to suggest Hillary is held to a different standard because she’s a woman has to be a moron not to realize that the media rule for dealing with her is like that rule in medicine “First, do no harm” because she’s a Democrat. But let’s discuss the pardon issue.


RedState: Let’s.

Spokesperson: During the 2008 Republican presidential primary every Republican candidate was repeatedly forced by the media to state if he would or if he would not pardon Scooter Libby, Vice-President Dick Cheney’s chief-of-staff, who had been – wrongly in the eyes of many – indicted and convicted for leaking classified information and then making false statements while questioned about it. What he was accused of sounds a lot like what Clinton has been accused of yet skidded even a pittance of a penalty, doesn’t it? The media made a very big issue of the possibility that Libby might be pardoned by an in-coming Republican president. Remember that?

RedState: Yes.

Spokesperson: Interesting then, isn’t it, that during this presidential campaign cycle with month after month increasing more Americans wondering if The Suspect Hillary Clinton might be criminally charged – and most people concluding she should be – it supposedly never occurs to anyone in the media to ask what they would endlessly be asking if a Republican were embroiled in such a situation?

RedState: Which means?

Spokesperson: When they don’t cover what any journalist with any honesty would feel duty-bound to cover then it’s a cover-up.

RedState: So what you’re uncovering today is this cover-up?

Spokesperson: Bingo! With all the still on-going revelations about how she had seriously and probably criminally jeopardized national security; with all the still on-going revelations demonstrating how the phony charity Clinton Foundation was such a corrupt racket; and with each of these two major scandals raising the possibility of her ending up in the Big House rather than the White House, shouldn’t Americans wonder why the obvious questions were never raised?


RedState: Such as?

Spokesperson: Hillary Clinton, if you are indicted, would you seek and accept a presidential pardon from Barack Obama? Such an obvious question – and never asked.

RedState: But while she might be indicted before Obama leaves office a trial lasts a long time and Trump or her replacement on the Democrat ticket would be in office when the final ruling came down.

Spokesperson: So what? Ford pardoned Nixon for any crimes he might have committed. Obama could do that for her before leaving office and there’d never be a trial. Guilty as sin and free as a bird. That, by the way is how the domestic terrorist Obama used to pal around with, Bill Ayers, laughed off his not going to jail for his crimes.

RedState: You’re saying she’s guilty as sin?

Spokesperson: I believe that’s the case. I believe she should have already been indicted and may yet still be.  I believe she belongs in jail. But what I’m saying is that an honest media, applying the same standards to Democrats as they do to Republicans, would have kept point-blankly asking her if she would seek and accept a pardon from Obama – and they’d have kept at it until she answered yes or no. Not that we can believe anything the lying crook says but at least they would have asked the question.  They never have. They still should. And that should have been just the start.

RedState: Just the start?

Spokesperson: They should have also demanded of the White House that President Obama state if he would or would not be willing to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton. And Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Nancy Pelosi and everyone who endorsed Clinton for president should have been asked if they’d be fine with the idea of her seeking a presidential pardon.


RedState: You just said that she may yet still be indicted and you just said that the media still should ask Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and all the others where they stand on the matter of her seeking a presidential pardon. Wouldn’t they just say that what you’re talking about is old stuff?

Spokesperson: That’s exactly what they’d say. It’s always what they say. And it’s always untrue. Look, Hillary Clinton is old. Old stuff been around lying around seemingly forever – so why don’t they say about her what they say about any embarrassing facts — move on, ignore, not worth bothering with? The point I raise is not old news; it’s new news, or perhaps more accurately, news the news media doesn’t want to be news because Hillary Clinton and the Democrats don’t want it to be news. As long as questions regarding her reckless disregard for national security remain unresolved, including her likely perjury before Congress; as long as the corrupt pay-to-play Clinton foundation investigation remains incomplete; the pardon issue should be a major campaign issue. And the media don’t want it to be.

RedState: You’ve said all leading Republican and nearly all the conservative media as well are also guilty of overlooking the pardon issue.  How do you explain that?

Spokesperson: Stupidity. Laziness. Imagination deficiency. Depends on who’s overlooking it. It’d be so easy for them to come up with questions that could get voters to think about the pardon issue – which is a case study in Clinton corruption and a reminder that greed and corruption are Clinton family traits and tradition. They could do it in a way that could override the cover-up and really make an impression upon voters and rattle her.


RedState: What would you do?

Spokesperson: Well, if they had listened to me our long national nightmare of the Clintons would have years ago gone away. I said back when Republicans were trying to impeach and remove Wild Bill that the outcome would be that for years to come the country would suffer through his doing whatever it took to try to convince us that his presidency hadn’t been some joke or curse and my plan was better.

RedState: You had a better plan?

Spokesperson: We should have enrolled him in the Witness Protection Program. Be kind and do for him what we do for mobsters. He gets a new identity. He’s well taken care of. And we never see or hear from him again. And here’s the best part: the spouse goes with him. But they didn’t listen and the nation suffered because of it. At least they should have asked the question I tried to get them to ask before the Senate trial of Bill Clinton got underway: Will Bill Clinton be tried as an adult?

RedState: Back to your uncovering the cover-up of the pardon issue, wh…

Spokesperson (interrupting): Yeah, thanks. Didn’t mean to digress. I was about to suggest raising a question or two that might help override the cover-up and really make an impression upon voters and maybe rattle her. Think back: When Wild Bill was holding his going-out-of-business sale of presidential pardons his last weeks in office Hillary Clinton’s two brothers and her brother-in-law moved into the White House and ran their racket of selling presidential pardons. She later claimed she had no idea why those three ne’er-do-wells had moved in with her and Wild Bill or what they were up to. Those pardons were pricy. Look what Marc Rich’s cost him and his wife. One of Hillary’s brothers go into such a bind he ended up having to return $400,000. But none of them were ever prosecuted.  What luck these Clinton’s have, huh?


RedState: So besides the basic question you earlier suggested the media would be pounding any Republican candidate and supporters with – demanding a yes or no about seeking and/or accepting a presidential pardon – what more attention-grabbing question are you suggesting should be asked?

Spokesperson: Your two brothers and brother-in-law ran a lucrative pardon selling business out of the White House when your husband was president. Will they be re-establishing their business for the final days of the Obama Administration – and if so would you qualify for a family discount rate?

RedState: Any other?

Spokesperson: For now, just this one: Many felons were upset that the last Clinton Administration did not give them enough time to beg, borrow or steal enough money to afford the prices being charged. In fairness to the felon community, a group that, after all, is overwhelming Democrat and views you as one of them, will you pledge that before Election Day you will release a price schedule for any presidential pardons that might be sold by your brothers and brother-in-law or anyone else during a Hillary Clinton Administration?

RedState: Do you think your criticism today could force the media to begin asking questions about the pardon issue?

Spokesperson: No. They’d ignore it to protect her if you held a gun to their heads. The mainstream media, that is. The conservative media simply need to quit dozing.  So, of course, do the on life-support Republicans. They need to remember General Douglas MacArthur’s advice: Never surrender an advantage to the enemy. Our side too often seems to specialize in surrendering advantages.

RedState: Why do you think it’s so important, given all the other examples of reasons for opposing Hillary Clinton, to uncover the pardon issue cover-up?


Spokesperson: Because we should put in front of the American people every possible reason for not permitting The Suspect Lying Crook Hillary Clinton to become president – and it’s stupid beyond belief to just sit back and let the media and her off the hook on this issue that is such important evidence in making the case that she’s such a liar and such a crook.

RedState: Can I ask one more question?

Spokesperson: No.

End of News Conference.



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