'Ready for Hillary' Coming to a Prison Near You?


A sign that suddenly appeared outside the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh has been causing passersby to do a double-take.

Is the “Ready for Hillary” sign gracing the grounds of the state’s largest prison for women just an unintentionally humorous choice of location by an unthinking Clinton supporter? Or has someone hit upon an imaginative new way to make the point that Hillary Clinton belongs in The Big House rather than The White House?


The “Ready for Hillary” sign is positioned in front of the prison wall between a large sign that identifies the prison and the “Prisoner Intake” sign that directs patty wagons to the processing center for new prisoners.

RedState has learned the answer to the mystery of the sign’s origin.

It’s the work of a secret group calling themselves “Justice for All.”

Outraged that Hillary Rodham Clinton got off scott free for her reckless endangerment of US national security when others guilty of far less have been seriously punished, including doing time in prison, “Justice for All” says they will try to make Americans aware that Clinton still could – and should – be indicted as a result of either, or both, the pay-to-play scandal surrounding her and the Clinton Foundation or perjury during her testimony before Congress.

A spokesperson for the group who declined to give his name – “because,” he said, “unfortunately I am not on any ‘Lives Matter’ list” – explained: “’Ready for Hillary’ was the slogan and rallying call for the suspect’s presidential campaign back when she was pretending to be just considering it.

“It was such a phony fake pitch,” he said, “but they produced a great supply of ‘Ready for Hillary’ signs that are now obsolete and discarded. So we think patriots interested in justice should recycle them by erecting the larger ones on the grounds of prisons throughout the country and giving the smaller ones to police chiefs and sheriffs to hang inside currently empty cells. We’re very proud of our recycling program and believe it also improves the political environment.”


The spokesperson told RedState that “Justice for All” believes that unless and until all possible grounds on which Hillary Clinton could be indicted and end up serving time are behind us the proper impartial way to refer to her is as “The Suspect.”

RedState expects to learn as early as next week of another campaign “Justice for All” has in mind. This one designed to remind Americans to think prison when they think Hillary Clinton.


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