Cheney Overcomes Paul’s Endorsement and Wins Primary

Liz Cheney 2

Liz Cheney overcame Sen. Rand Paul’s last minute endorsement of  state Sen. Leland Christensen and was victorious in the crowded race for the Republican nomination for Wyoming’s only seat in the U.S. House — the seat once held by her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.


Politico reports that the Associated Press called the race with 73 percent of precincts reporting. Cheney took 40 percent of the vote, state Sen. Leland Christensen got 23 percent and State House Speaker Pro Tempore Tim Stubson took 18 percent.  The other five Republican candidates split the remainder of the vote.

Cheney’s campaign was focused on attacking President Barack Obama’s energy policies and national security policies. Cheney is likely to win the Congressional seat in the general election because Wyoming is the most Republican state.  Party registration favors the GOP over Democrats by more three-to-one in Wyoming and no Democrat has held the seat since Dick Cheney’s predecessor in the 1970s.


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