Trump Convention Bounce Stirs Up Race with Hillary

Trump smashed face

The new in CNN/ORC Poll finds that Donald Trump earned a 6-point convention bounce and now leads Hillary Clinton 48% to 45%. When the third party candidates are included The Donald leads Hillary by five points:

  • Donald Trump – 44%
  • Hilary Clinton – 39%
  • Gary Johnson – 9%
  • Jill Stein – 3%

According to CNN, this is Trump’s best showing against Hillary in the CNN poll since September 2015 and is largely the result of increased support among Independents:

Trump’s new edge rests largely on increased support among independents, 43% of whom said that Trump’s convention in Cleveland left them more likely to back him, while 41% were dissuaded. Pre-convention, independents split 34% Clinton to 31% Trump, with sizable numbers behind Johnson (22%) and Stein (10%). Now, 46% say they back Trump, 28% Clinton, 15% Johnson and 4% Stein.

Trump’s favorability rating is also rose — 46% of registered voters say they have a positive view, up from 39% pre-convention. The Donald is now seen as honest and trustworthy by 43 percent, up from 38 percent. Hillary, on the other hand, is now seen as not trustworthy or honest by 68 percent — her worst rating on that measure in CNN/ORC polling.

Trump gained even though reviews for the convention itself and his speech were very negative. Trump’s wife, Melania, also got a favorability rating bounce despite the media controversy about her speech, increasing from 27% pre-convention to 43% post-convention. Sen. Ted Cruz’ failure to endorse Trump didn’t go over so well — 60% of Republican voters had a positive impression of the former presidential candidate before the convention, just 33% have one now.

The CNN/ORC Poll was conducted July 22-24 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.

Will Hillary be able to deal with the chaos and disunity, caused the Democrats’ latest email scandal, as well as Trump did with the GOP chaos and disunity?

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