Hillary Still Lying About Emails, Denies She Was Careless and Blames Others


Even after the damning findings announced by F.B.I. Director Comey during his July 5, 2015 press conference, and Comey’s equally damaging testimony before the House oversight committee, Hillary Clinton continues to lie about her emails. In a series of interviews Friday afternoon, Hillary pushed back against The F.B.I. director’s finding that Hillary and her colleagues were “extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information.”

Hillary had the temerity to tell ABC News’ David Muir that she still stands by her statements. She said that even though most of her statements were disproved by the F.B.I. In her CNN interview, Hillary floated an obviously very carefully crafted new email story to take the place of all those previously shown to be prevarications. She told Wolf Blitzer:

They, I believe, did not believe they were sending any material that was classified.

That sounds like it was written by whomever came up with President Bill Clinton’s infamous, “It depends upon what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” This was an obvious and clumsy attempt to spread the blame for the “extremely careless” handling of “very sensitive, highly classified information” to Hillary’s State Department staff. In case there was any question, you now know where the buck doesn’t stop with Hillary. To put Hillary’s new “They, I believe, did not believe” excuse in context here is the passage as reported by the New York Times:

She also appeared to be spreading the responsibility to her State Department staff.

“I think there are about 300 people in the government, mostly in the State Department, but in other high positions in the government with whom I emailed over the course of four years — they, I believe, did not believe they were sending any material that was classified,” Mrs. Clinton said on CNN. “They were pursuing their responsibilities. I do not think they were careless.”

She added, “And as I have said many times, I certainly did not believe that I received or sent any material that was classified.”

Someone should tell Hillary about the rule of holes and suggest that she stop digging. Hillary has taken responsibility for her email scandal. It’s too late for her to try, again, and pass the blame to her subordinates.

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