Mexican Flag Waving Provocateurs Clash with Trump Supporters

San Diego

Another Trump rally, more violence from provocateurs. After Donald Trump’s rally at the San Diego Convention Center Friday, as many as 7,000 Mexican Flag-waving anti-Trump provocateurs shouted, “Dump Trump” and, “F*** Trump.” Trump supporters leaving the campaign event chanted back, “You can’t vote,” and, “Build that wall!” Things went South when one the anti-Trump thugs tried to climb a barrier separating the so-called protesters from police:


One protester was arrested after trying to climb a barrier separating protesters from police, several news outlets reported. His arrest led protesters to throw empty water bottles and spray water at police.

Police then declared an unlawful assembly and moved in with riot gear and pepper balls. After 18 people were injured and 35 people were arrested, Order was restored within a couple of hours.

This has sadly become the new normal. On Wednesday, several anti-Trump protesters were arrested after a rally for the candidate in Anaheim after anti-Trump hooligans threw objects at police and refused to disperse when asked. On Tuesday, Riotous provocateurs turned violent throwing burning T-shirts, plastic bottles and other items at police officers, injuring several, and toppled trash cans and barricades. Police responded by firing pepper spray and smoke grenades into the crowd outside the Albuquerque Convention Center, which was packed with thousands Trump supporters. In Costa Mesa, California, in April crowds smashed windows on a cop car and tried to flip it over. In March, violent clashes between Trump’s supporters and protesters in Chicago, caused a Trump event to be cancelled.


These anti-Trump provocateurs, behave like the Democrat-backed Occupy Wall Street crazies. After the Albuquerque riot outside a  Trump rally, officials blamed the downtown melee not on impassioned politics but on an unruly group intent on creating chaos. Some participants openly admitted that they set out to cause disruption. Such tactics will only create sympathy for Trump and his supporters.

If anti-Trump folk want to protest they should study and use the nonviolent tactics effectively used Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. Violence is unacceptable and will not win the anti-Trump folk anything.


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