President Cruz Might Nominate Sen. Mike Lee for Supreme Court (with video)

Ted Cruz, Mike Lee

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Sen. Ted Cruz, while campaigning for president and also helping kick off Sen. Mike Lee’s reelection campaign hinted that if he is elected president he might consider nominating Lee for the Supreme Court:


Cruz may have another job in mind for Lee. After vowing to appoint U.S. Supreme Court justices who would protect the Constitution, he said Lee would look good there.

According to the tribune, the first time Cruz and Lee met, they talked about the Constitution for hours. Cruz asked the crowd if they remembered Gollum from “The Lord of the Rings,” and added, “For Mike, the Constitution is ‘my precious.’”

You can watch an excerpt fromCruz’ Lee reelection kickoff speech below:

Partial Transcript:
And I’ll tell you when I think of Mike I think of three words principal courage and accountability.
In fight after fight after fight in Washington, Washington says surrender, says give up, says you cannot stand you cannot fight.
Republican leadership says stand up to ObamaCare to Obama you gotta be kidding.
And Mikes response is boom.
You know I remember the summer of 2013 when Mike and I traveled the country speaking to rallies all over the country energizing and mobilizing millions of Americans to stand up to the disaster that is ObamaCare.
Washington didn’t like it.
I remember standing for 21 hours on the Senate floor filibustering the disaster that is that is ObamaCare.
And I’ll tell you for every minute of every hour of those 21 hours Mike was standing by my side on the Senate floor.
Senator Lee would make a great Supreme Court justice. If you haven’t, you should read his book, “Why John Roberts Was Wrong About Healthcare.” Lee totally eviscerates the abominable decision that saved ObamaCare.


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