The 'Poorly Educated' Trump Ad (video)

Donald Trump

During Donald’s Trump victory speech after winning the Nevada Republican Caucuses, he declared that he loved “the poorly educated”:

I won with the evangelicals. We won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated. We won with poorly educated — I LOVE the poorly educated.


According to the Washington Post, journalists have been getting guff for months for pointing out that Trump’s base of support includes those who don’t have college degrees and are less formally educated. The politically correct say its wrong to call these folks even “less-educated.”

Jimmy Kimmel decided to help the poorly educated people of America cut an in support of the Donald. Just Watch:

America needs a Leeder.

Someone who is tough enough to stand up to the terists.

And secure the Mexico/Merica border.

We need a president who will stand up to dictators like Lil’ Kim, Voldemot Putin and Chinese President XI.

Donald Trump believes in the Constipation. And he will protect your rights under the Second Commencement.

Lets make America Grate Again.


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