Did Rubio Snub The Conservative Review Convention For Megyn Kelly?

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Sen. Marco Rubio did himself no favors on Thursday evening when he snubbed the Conservative Review Convention. The Daily Mail reports that the delay in Rubio’s schedule that caused him to miss the Convention appearance was an interview with Megyn Kelly:


If Rubio loses big time on Saturday, it won’t be for lack of trying, though he did himself no favors on Thursday evening when he cancelled an appearance at a conservative conference Cruz and Ben Carson were speaking at because of a ‘delay’ in his schedule.

His campaign gave just 30 minutes notice to event organizers that he wouldn’t attend the Greenville event.

The cause for the cancellation appeared to be an interview with Megyn Kelly for her FOX News program. Kelly posts big numbers. The ones that will count on Saturday are in South Carolina, however, and his snub to conservatives on Thursday could shift votes toward Cruz.

The interview was included in the Rubio’s Campaign daily campaign email on Friday morning. You can watch the interview in the following video:

Regardless of Kelly’s “big numbers,” Rubio would have been better off showing up at the Conservative Review Convention. During the Kelly interview Rubio was able to talk about the phony holy war between Trump and Pope Francis. Gov. Nikki Haley had to give one of those non-answer responses — saying how content and happy she was in South Carolina, to a question about possibly being Rubio’s running mate. And the last half of the interview was dedicated to Rubio’s continuing his Trump-like calling Sen. Ted Cruz a liar. But to Rubio’s credit this time he managed to refrain from actually using the L-word and instead used phrases such as isn’t true and not telling the truth.


Compare Rubio’s five minutes of Kelly’s big numbers to the 24 minutes during which Cruz wowed the audience at the Conservative Review Convention. As the Daily Mail suggested, it’s the numbers in South Carolina that count more today.


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