The Democrats Have A New National Leader

Key Speakers At The Clinton Global Initiative

A new Fox News national poll finds Bernie Sanders leading Hillary Clinton 47 percent to 44 percent in the race for the Democrats’ presidential nomination. That’s a 10-point rise for Sanders and a five-point drop for Hillary during the last month. Two months ago Hillary led by 22 points. If that NBC poll didn’t panic Hillary, this Fox News poll sure will.


According to Fox, Hillary’s Achilles’ heel may be trustworthiness. A 55  percent majority of voters say she does not have the integrity to serve effectively as president. The poll also confirms voters are tired of the Clinton’s and the Bush family  running for president:

The poll also confirms dynasty fatigue:  52 percent of voters say they are “tired of Clintons running for president” and 59 percent feel that way about the Bush family.

Nevertheless, when asked who will be the next president, the largest number said  Clinton (28 percent) followed closely by Trump (25 percent).


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