Hillary beat Bernie in Iowa because she lucked out and won six coin tosses

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The Telegraph reports that in at least six precincts in Monday’s Iowa Democrat caucus, the vote ended in a tie between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. So they flipped a coin in each tied precinct to decide which candidate would win. Hillary won the coin toss in all six precincts. That’s right Hillary’s extremely narrow “win” was a matter of dumb luck.


What are the odds of winning six successive coin tosses? The Telegraph crunched the numbers:

Each coin toss has a 50% chance of coming heads or tails.

So, to get that six times in a row, we have to multiply 0.5 by itself six times.

Which gives us a chance of around 1.6%.

Hillary should start playing the lotteries — all of them.

A coin toss may not be the best way to decide a tied election. A study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, found that with just two minutes’ practice, one could make the coin land on the side they chose on average 54 percent of the time. So if the coin tosser was biased toward Hillary and had practiced their tossing, they could have influenced the outcome of the coin toss.


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