Rick Perry Endorses Ted Cruz [Updated with the Video]

Image credit: Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock.com
Image credit: Christopher Halloran/Shutterstock.com

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Sen. Ted Cruz in the Republican presidential primary. Watch the video:

I’m here to stress to you how important it is for Conservatives to rally together and support a consistent conservative candidate who will take on Washington who will defeat the Democrat nominee.

That’s why I support Ted Cruz for president.

[. . .]

He has proven that he is ready to serve as our commander and chief on day one.

He has also proved a willingness to take on the Washington cartel and restore power and opportunity back to the people.

He has proven he will do what is necessary to secure our borders, to defeat radical Islamic terrorism and to ensure that our brave veterans receive the care they have earned.

Ted is the leader we need to reignite the promise of America. That’s why I’m supporting Ted Cruz and asking Iowa Republicans to caucus for Cruz next Monday, February the first.

Perry told Politico that he found Cruz to be a good listener who respects the Tenth Amendment, is  a “man of principle,” and is more conservative than Trump:

Of those individuals who have a chance to win the Republican primary, at this juncture, from my perspective, Ted Cruz is by far the most consistent conservative in that crowd. And that appears to be down to two people.

According to Perry, Cruz will be able to get things done as president, despite his current reputation among fellow senators for being a bomb-thrower:

You’ll have with Ted Cruz that same result of, senators and others in the Washington establishment that are mad at him, find him to be hard to work with, they will find a way to work with him because they know he means what he says he means.

I’d rather see folks come together, work together to find solutions, but from time to time, you’ve got to lay the marker down. There’s that old adage, ‘You gotta hit the mule upside the head to get its attention from time to time.’ I’d suggest that’s exactly what the senator was doing.

Perry said he is confident that Cruz would be Prepared to be President:

He knows he’s going to surround himself with people who do have that experience, and I’m very satisfied that on Day 1, he will be ready to be commander-in-chief. Partly because of the time he’s going to spend in learning what he doesn’t know, but he’s also surrounding himself with people who are extraordinarily capable and wise.

After meeting with him last month last month, Perry found Cruz to be “a very different person” than what he had been led to believe through the caricature driven by the  “media narrative” Perry had seen through the political lens.

Perry, will campaign with Cruz Tuesday across Iowa, and will join Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King to stump for Cruz again Wednesday. Perry and King will both join Cruz at a Des Moines rally Wednesday night.