Team Cruz Makes It Trump against Trump

Image Credit: Joseph Sohm/
Image Credit: Joseph Sohm/
Image Credit: Joseph Sohm/

Reigniting the Promise, one of the Super PACs supporting Sen. Ted Cruz, has released a great ad using Donald Trumps own words to counter Trumps recent maniacal attacks against Cruz. The ad uses the audio of Trump introducing Cruz at a Lincoln Day fundraising dinner in Palm Beach Florida, on February 21, 2014:


Now one of the reasons I like Ted Cruz so much is that he is not controversial.


But the truth is he shouldn’t be controversial because what he’s doing is right.


He took a stand recently and it was a brave stand.

And had he really had a little backing it might not have ended ObamaCare, but you would have really gotten a big chunk out of it.

And I just watched him. I watched what he was saying and I listened very carefully. And I don’t understand the controversy.

It’s common sense.

It’s good government.

It’s so many good things.

But he really is a special guy.

He is now a very very popular and important figure in all of our lives.

So, with that I’d would like to introduce a very special guy, Senator Ted Cruz.

The Donald is referring to the Cruz effort to defund ObamCare. During that effort more than a million people signed the Don’t Fund It [ObamCare] petition.

Team Cruz is doing a masterful job of using Trump’s own words against Trump. The entire New York values issues is based on Trump’s rendition of his New York Values as stated by Trump during the  interview Tim Russert did with Trump on Meet the Press, which the Trump campaign released two days ago. During that interview Trump makes Cruz’ point about Trump’s New York values by asserting that New York “views” and “attitudes” are different than other places in the country, such as Iowa:


“I live in New York City. There is a tremendous movement on to have and allow gay marriage.”

“Hey, I lived in New York City and Manhattan all my life so my views are a little bit different than if I lived in Iowa, perhaps, but [gays openly serving in the military] is not something that would disturb me.”

“I’m very pro choice. And again it may be a little bit of a New York background because there is some different having attitude in different parts of the country and you know I was raised in New York, grew up and work and everything else in New York City.”

But you would not ban partial-birth abortion?


It’s fun listening to Trump vs. Trump. Hopefully, it has the effect of working against Trump.


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