Trump Takes A Shot At Obama's So-Called Executive Action On Guns

Image Credit: Albert H. Teich/
Image Credit: Albert H. Teich/
Image Credit: Albert H. Teich/

Donald Trump took a shot at Obama for his renewed effort to suppress our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. During an interview with John Dickerson to be broadcast on tomorrow’s edition of  “Face the Nation,” Trump said, “I don’t like anything having to do with changing our Second Amendment. We have plenty of rules and regulations.”


President Obama meets with Attorney General Loretta Lynch next week to talk about conjuring up even more gun control using his often-abused executive authority.

According to CBS, Trump pushed back against Obama’s proposed expansion of background checks for firearms sales involving unlicensed firearm sellers, saying that there are numerous other routes the administration could take to prevent mass shootings:

“There’s plenty of things that they can do right now that are already there. They don’t do them.”

Trump went on to talk about how better mental heath programs would help.

Its time former President Clinton to again remind Democrats what happened the last time the Democrats acted against gun rights and passed the so-called assault weapon ban:

“Clinton said that passing the 1994 federal assault weapons ban ‘devastated’ more than a dozen Democratic lawmakers in the 1994 midterms — and cost then-Speaker of the House Tom Foley (D-Wash.) his job and his seat in Congress.”


As NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre recently said, under existing federal gun laws, every felon with a gun, Drug dealer with a gun and criminal gangbanger with a gun could be taken off the streets tomorrow and locked up for five years or more. So why aren’t they? If you want to stop violent crime, take violent criminals off the street. Prosecute them under existing gun laws. Don’t keep trying to further suppress Constitutional rights.


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