Losing the Consent of the Governed

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A new CNN/ORC Poll released on Sunday, finds that only 30% of registered voters feel their views are well represented by the government in Washington.


The new CNN poll confirms new Pew Research Center polling, released last Thursday, finds that only 32% of respondents have a favorable opinion on the Republican Party — the lowest number Pew has found since 1992. Also the Republican party is viewed unfavorably by 60% of respondents, again the party’s worst score. This is in sharp contrast to January when, after a wave election, the voters returned the Senate to Republican control. Then 41% of poll respondents had a favorable view of the GOP, while 53% were unfavorable.

The big surprise in the Pew polling is that the biggest drop in GOP favorability was found among Republicans:

The current survey finds that positive views of the GOP among Republicans have declined 18 percentage points since January, from 86% to 68%. Independents also view the Republican Party less favorably; 29% today, compared with 37% six months ago.

And why does the biggest drop in GOP favorability occur among Republicans? Because the Republican Congressional leadership failed to keep their bargain with their base.

Sen. Ted Cruz explained this in the speech he made in the U.S. Senate on Friday calling out Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As Sen. Cruz put it, it’s because the Republican Congressional leadership failed to keep their bargain with their base — disappointing the people that gave them a huge victory:


“There is a profound disappointment among the American people because we keep winning elections and then we keep getting leaders who don’t do anything they promised.

[. . .]

We’ve had a Republican majority in both houses of Congress now for about six months. What has that majority done? First thing we did, in December, is we came back and passed a $1 trillion ‘cromnibus’ plan filled with pork and corporate welfare. That was the very first thing we did. Then this Republican majority voted to fund Obamacare, voted to fund President Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty. And then leadership rammed through the confirmation of Loretta Lynch as Attorney General. Madam President, which of those decisions would be one iota different if [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid were still majority leader? Not a one. Not a one. This Senate operates exactly the same — the same priorities.”

There are consequences for betraying the people who elected you. When Politicians lose the trust and respect of the people they were elected to represent, they lose their consent to govern. We saw such consequences in 2010 when the TEA Party rose up and took the House away from [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the Obamacrats. We saw similar consequences when the Democrats lost the Senate in the 2014 midterm, which President Obama made a referendum about his policies:


“I am not on the ballot this fall. Michelle’s pretty happy about that. But make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”

We now see the consequences of betrayal in the campaign for president. According to CNN Polling Director Jennifer Agiesta, the new CNN Poll finds those disaffected Republican voters are more than twice as likely than other Republicans to back Trump — 24% support Trump vs. 13% for former Florida governor Jeb Bush, with the rest of the field at 8% or less.

Please don’t lose the consent of the governed. Remember who sent you to govern, and why.


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