Mike Turner a clear choice in OK-05

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The Republican choice could not be more clear in Oklahoma’s fifth congressional district. It’s more status quo versus Mike Turner, a consistent, next generation Conservative.


Voters in the fifth congressional district must choose from a crowded field of candidates, but it really is cut and dry. Mike Turner, a 27-year-old engineer and state representative who has already a record of standing up for the Constitution and keeping the promises he made to his constituents.

Turner toppled a moderate Republican incumbent in 2012. In that race he shunned special interest contributions in favor of old fashioned hard work — shoe leather, hand shaking, and visiting more than 10,000 district residents to win an upset victory.

Since then, Turner has delivered. He bucked his party and said no to a state budget that didn’t cut taxes or spending and authored a bill halting wasteful subsidies on green energy.

Most recently, Turner authored legislation protecting Oklahoma gun owners from backdoor bureaucratic regulations. Governor Mary Fallin vetoed the bill and found herself overridden for the first time, a move hailed by the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups. Turner’s efforts have resulted in an endorsement from Gun Owners of America.


The district he’s now seeking to serve in Congress is heavily Republican, making it another one in which we have no excuse for not sending a solid Conservative to Washington. Chances like these can’t be overlooked in the face of higher profile battles.

Which brings us to the others in the race.

Clark Jolley is regarded as the front runner by many, largely due to his name recognition due to his time in the state Senate. Jolley should be rejected. He has taken campaign contributions from former Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Turpen, who was also Hillary’s 2008 campaign chair in Oklahoma. As well as former Democrat Party Executive Director and union leader Pat Hall. In addition Jolley penned legislation to create an ObamaCare state exchange and implement Common Core.

Another contender is Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Patrice Douglas. She’s led the fundraising thus far, and like Jolley, Douglas has accepted contributions from Democrats including former Democrat Party Executive Director and union leader Pat Hall. As the mayor of Edmon, Oklahoma, Douglas backed hiking electric rates by 8 percent in 2009, water and sewage rates by 10-20 percent the next year. Douglas is also a former president of Spirit Bank. She left that post the same year Spirit got $30 million in TARP funding, which the bank subsequently failed to repay.


I might be an idealist, but the choice couldn’t be clearer here. More status quo with some questionable ties to folks probably more “ready for Hillary” than not. That’s not Conservative.

Then there’s Mike Turner, a fresh voice and Conservative. He’s a millennial who already has been successful in business and at legislating. Also, he doesn’t take donations from lobbyists, PACs, or special interests, so the chances of contribution shenanigans like those of Jolley or Douglas are slim to none.

Turner will be a powerful voice for Conservatives in Congress. We just need to help him get there.


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