More Dem playbook in action, shredding GOP registrations

Sunday we warned that the Democrats would dust off their 2004 Election Playbook and engage in all kinds of shenanigans in an all out effort to do whatever it takes to ensure President Obama is reelected.


No sooner had the warning been published, than did the Des Moines Register and ABC News report about absentee ballot irregularities in Iowa.

Somehow a Democrat campaign worker gave his 75-year-old mother the impression that it was OK for her to sign his name on an absentee ballot request form when he wasn’t home. In addition, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation was looking into unauthorized absentee ballot paperwork in which someone allegedly requested paperwork for an absentee ballot without the voter’s consent or knowledge:

“The DCI has approached paid Democratic Party staff to ask questions about allegations of unauthorized requests for absentee ballots in Floyd County, a party official confirmed.  Norm Sterzenbach, the party’s executive director, said a DCI agent spoke briefly to three workers at the Organizing for America office in Charles City. The party’s attorneys then contacted the agent “and said if you need to talk to … any of our employees, have those conversations with our attorneys,” Sterzenbach said…”

Now, Monday evening, we learn that a so-called non-partisan organization was caught shredding Republican voter registrations:

“The Community Voters Project is a “non-partisan” lefty organization whose mission is to register people to vote, with a particular emphasis on minorities. In the 2008 election, they had offices in 10 states and registered around 300,000 minority voters. So far, so good. This year, however, it seems they aren’t registering everyone who wants to vote. Outside a CVP office in Philadelphia, for example, they shredded and threw away numerous registration forms. A number of these were for people trying to register as a Republican.”

Like the shenanigans of the DC-based Voter Participation Center, which mailed voter-registration forms to deceased relatives, children, and even pets, the Community Voters Project sounds like ACORN’s voter fraud. That shouldn’t surprise anyone, According to Breitbart, the Community Voters Project used to work along side ACORN, and several of the Community Voters Project employees were indicted in 2008 for voter registration fraud.
Based on what we have already seen, it looks like the Democrats have indeed dusted off the DNC’s 2004 playbook to try and get Obama reelected anyway they can. You can expect to hear about other irregularities as soon as the polls open Tuesday. Hopefully, if we can report about such nefarious activities, we can keep the election fair.


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