Happy 'National Empty Chair Day'

In honor of Labor Day, and as Democrats gather for their national convention, Conservatives have declared today “National Empty Chair Day.”

Yes, it’s play on Clint Eastwood’s infamous speech to an empty chair representing an absent President Obama during the Republican National Convention. Conservatives are going after Obama’s record using the hashtag #emptychairday.

Empty Chair Day

According to Politico by Monday morning, the #emptychairday hashtag began trending on Monday morning as users tweeted pictures of empty chairs. In addition to RedState’s own Ben Howe’s fine empty chair effort,  seen above, you can see more examples at Legal Insurrection and Hot Air.

Keeping in step with the empty chair, some might say empty suit theme, the Republican National Committee released a new video titled, “We’ve Heard It All Before.” The new video takes Obama to task for recycling the same tired rhetoric and failed promises that he campaigned on four years ago.

You can watch the “We’ve Heard It All Before”video here at Right Side Politics or here at RedState.

As RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said, “The only question he [Obama] refuses to answer is ‘are you better off?'” As we said earlier, while the Obama Campaign is having a tough time answering that question, last October, Obama admitted that Americans are not better off than they were four years ago. You can watch Obama’s admission here.


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