Obama campaign spokesman bears false witness

Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt was caught in a deviation from the truth when asked whether anyone from the White House or the 2012 [Obama] campaign had reached out to Mayor Booker, to make him reel his words. LaBolt answered, “We did not.” When the incredulous reporter immediately gave LaBolt another chance, he doubled down on his prevarication


Shortly thereafter, Mayor Booker threw Labolt under the bus by admitting that he had spoken with the Obama campaign before he decided to “clarify” his remarks about the Obama attacks on Bain Capital.

The Republican National Committee quickly produced a video rightly taking LaBolt to task for trying to cover-up the dissension among Democrats concerning the Obama attacks on free enterprise. The video, which you can watch at Right Side Politics, sums it all up succinctly:

Dishonest Attacks, Dishonest Cover-up, The Opposite of What Obama Promised in 2008.

The Obama Campaign’s dishonesty is no surprise. We have seen such misrepresentation from Obama before. Presidential candidate Obama’s distortion of McCain’s “one hundred years” statement about the Iraq war is the most egregious example. Even as fact checker after fact checker found that Obama misrepresented what McCain said, Obama continued the distortions for weeks.

More recently, President Obama was caught bearing “false witness“as he complained about others bearing “false witness” against ObamaCare.

Perhaps worse for Obama’s reelection prospects, by this morning the list of prominent Democrat Obama supporters voicing disagreement with Obama’s attacks on private enterprise had increased to ten. In addition to Mayor Booker, Harold Ford, Don Peebles and Steven Rattner, six more Obama supporters have voiced their disagreement with the Obama attacks against Romney and Bain Capital:

  1. Delaware Senator Chris Coons
  2. California Senator Dianne Feinstein
  3. Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick [Video link]
  4. Former Alabama Congressman Artur Davis
  5. Virginia Senator Mark Warner [Video link]
  6. Former DNC Chair and Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell [Video link]

You would be wrong to think that having made such a mess of the attacks on Bain Capital, Obama would back off. In fact Obama apparently thinks it’s important to continue the effort to discredit Romney’s competent private sector experience. Even though recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal and ABC News/Washington Post polls suggest the Bain attacks have not yet hurt Romney, some say Obama is staking his reelection on the Bain attacks. We will see.


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