Paul Ryan shames the Wisconsin fleebaggers

Congressman Paul Ryan gets it exactly right concerning the Wisconsin legislators fleeing the state to avoid their duty to vote.

I didn’t like the legislation that was moving through Washington the last two years — I didn’t like cap and trade, I didn’t like ObamaCare, I didn’t like the stimulus. But I didn’t walk out. We stayed and did our jobs. We voted, we tried to amend, we made our debates . . . Elections have consequences. They won, we lost. That’s the way it works. So I just don’t understand this lack of respect for the rule of law.” — Congressman Paul Ryan


Congressman Ryan went on to talk about how achieving fiscal responsibility does not have to be a partisan issue.

Watch the video:


As Erick has also pointed out, the Obamacrats are making a huge mistake here. They are taking another very unpopular stand just like they did with ObamaCare.


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