Enough is enough - Senator-Elect Marco Rubio delivers Weekly Republican Address

This election the American people said enough is enough. That message was loud and clear. — Senator-elect Marco Rubio

Senator-Elect Marco Rubio gets it. In today’s Weekly Republican Address, Senator-Elect Rubio talks about what the Republicans must do to get the country headed back in the right direction:

  • Govern as public servants who understand that re-election is simply a byproduct of good public service and good ideas;
  • Stand up and offer an alternative to the policies coming out of Washington for the past two years;
  • Put forward bold ideas and have the courage to fight for them;
  • Prevent the massive Obama tax increase scheduled to hit every American taxpayer at the end of the year;
  • Repealing and replacing ObamaCare;
  • Simplifying the tax code; and
  • Reducing the national debt.

Rubio understands better than many of us why America is exceptional:

I know about the unique exceptionalism of our country. Not because I read about it in a book, I’ve seen it through my own eyes. You see, I was raised in a community of exiles, by people who lost their country, people who once had dreams like we do today, but had to come to a foreign shore to find them.


Unlike many of our political leaders, Rubio asks us to hold the Republicans accountable to the ideas and principles they campaigned on.

Rubio is going to be a great U.S. Senator.

Watch the video of former Representative Rubio’s address:


You can read the full transcript of Senator-Elect Rubio’s address at Right Side Politics.


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